New Food Marketing Is All About What Isn’t In It

It’s the new trend. With all the chemicals and genetic modification adulterating our food supply, it’s pretty sad that it has come to this: food and beverage companies selling their products by assuring you what ISN’T in your food.

Food advertising is starting to switch over from glorifying what’s in the food to promising us what’s not in there, with companies trying to reassure consumers that they are being spared from eating the bajillion bad ingredients that are tainting so many food products these days.

Food allergies, cancer, auto-immune disease, gastrointestinal problems, gluten intolerance…all these things are continuously rising off the charts even faster than Big Pharma can make drugs to mitigate the side effects (but, of course, never actually cure anything).

Does this mean the particular foods shown here are better than others? You have to do your own homework and decide (yes, eating now requires research), but the point is, we don’t remember seeing food labels like this when we were kids…

While it’s good to have some idea what we’re eating and we appreciate the voluntary effort in food labeling transparency, isn’t it creepy that things have to be this way now?

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Melissa is a researcher and writer on anything that will help people make better decisions regarding what they are putting in their bodies to get healthier in this toxic soup we're all living in.

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