Happiness is a Warm, Fuzzy Kitten

sylvester NA

There are all different kinds of happiness, but one of ours is a warm fuzzy kitten.

This is Sylvester. He is a feral kitten that we just acquired when someone threw him and another kitten into the garbage. Can you believe it? Look at that sweet face!

The other kitten got away but we’ve taken Sylvester home. He has a clean bill of health and is approximately 5-6 weeks old. He has had a week of cat milk from the feed store and is being introduced to kitten food. My 13 year old daughter is in the process of loving him into tameness.

This was his opinion of us all on Day 1. (His scary mad face) He scratched and hissed constantly. He was so scared of these huge humans and the gigantic dog.

Sylvester day 1

Our dog may or may not be impressed with the attention paid to the kitten.  See for yourself.

dog is less than thrilled

We’re starting to grow on him a little, not quite a week later.  He has his cuddly moments. We’ll keep you posted.

Sylvester getting cuddly

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PattyS - October 1, 2014

Oh Daisy, I can so relate. Years ago we found a tiny feral kitten while out taking my husband’s new pickup for a spin down by the creek. The creek was out of it’s banks do to flooding. My husband spotted something out of the corner of his eye. There in the blackness of the night was this tiny black kitten hanging on to a log for dear life. I don’t know how he saw it considering how pitch black the evening was but he did and he jumped out of the truck and scooped him up and brought him inside with us. He looked for others but found none. We named him Binx…think Hocus Pocus and claimed him as our own. He was pretty wild for the first year until a stray “teenager” yellow tiger cat showed up at our doorstep, moved in and showed him a new sheriff was in town, lol. We had a lot of loving years with Binx until he went on to that cat haven in the sky and have had a few kitties since but no one will take the place of our wild, frisky and eventually calm Binxter.

Jordana - April 26, 2015

Everybody should share their life with a cat! the ones that don´t….they don´t know what they are missing, the amount of joy, happiness and magic they bring into your life is out of this world. They are truly amazing, healing, beautiful creatures 🙂

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