You Would Have to be Insane to Blindly Follow the Mainstream Media’s Medical Advice

We’ve all heard that coffee is bad for you. Or is it good for you? Butter and eggs used to be bad for you, but now they’re good…or are they?


TIME declaring scientists were wrong about fat for decades…how many millions of people suffered for it?

The mainstream media is constantly reporting on new scientific medical studies, dishing out more advice than a doctor on what (and what not) to consume to maintain our health. One month, something will kill you, the next month, it’ll save your life.

Take this recent example. A couple weeks ago, The Telegraph reported that, based on a new scientific study, all adults over the age of 50 should take aspirin every single day as a preventative measure to stave off cancer and heart disease.


Are you over 50? Is your mom? Grandma? Well according to The Telegraph’s reporting on this new study, you better be taking a daily aspirin every day for a decade. The outlet reported:

Middle-aged adults should take aspirin every day for ten years, according to scientists who found it could save more than 6,000 lives a year by preventing cancer and heart disease

Daily aspirin can prevent up to one third of cancers of the bowel, throat and stomach and can halve the risk of dying in some cases, according to the the largest, most comprehensive analysis of the drugs use.

The article goes on to downplay the risks associated with taking a daily aspirin:

It comes after previous research raised concerns about the side effects of aspirin, which include bleeding and ulcers. The new study found that while there was a small increased risk of a stroke, stomach bleeding and ulcers, the benefits of taking aspirin made it a “good bet”.

A “small” increased risk of a stroke?

Hm. That must be why the exact same media outlet was reporting back in December that, “A daily aspirin may do more harm than good,” noting that researchers at that time were claiming that regularly taking aspirin led to a 37 percent increased risk of internal bleeding and 38 percent increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

So which is it? Aspirin is good to stave off heart disease, but only if you want a nearly 40 percent increased risk of suffering a potentially deadly hemorrhagic stroke? How is that even remotely a “good bet”? Anyone?

But yeah, listen to The Telegraph and go ahead and take aspirin every day for 10 years, you know…just in case. Never mind that while the study claims it will save 6,000 lives, it’s on record that drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration kill 100,000 people every year who took the drugs as prescribed.

Oh, and by the way, The Telegraph reporter doesn’t declare this little factoid on the aspirin study until the very last line of her article:

Several of the authors of the analysis declared that they have worked for the pharmaceutical industry connected to aspirin but that the findings and conclusions in the study do not represent their respective organisations. [emphasis added]

Oh really?!

What. A. Shock.

This is the other side of “science” — the bought-and-paid-for “science” conducted to paint the proper picture for whatever industry is funding it.

Sadly though, most people do not read articles all the way to the end. Most casual mainstream media customers will read a headline and if it grabs them, they might skim the first few paragraphs, meaning they’ll never even get to the part where the industry itself is essentially paying for the so-called “science” to propagandize people that these products are good for them.

Surely greed and fraud have nothing to do with “scientific advice,” do they?

And this is just one example. This happens all the time to the point no one can even keep what’s healthy or not straight anymore if basing it on mainstream media standards.

This isn’t to say that science gets everything wrong, obviously. It’s to illustrate that science can be paid for by corporate interests to say what those interests want it to say. Either way, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Dr. Russell Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer who has dedicated his work to actually looking at the root cause of health issues so they can truly be cured with natural means, rather than patching over problems with potentially harmful pharmaceutical treatments that are never actually intended to “cure” anything in the first place (because there’s no real money to be made in cures).

Writing on aspirin as a blood thinner in his book Health and Nutrition Secrets, Dr. Blaylock says that strokes are a huge concern with taking a daily aspirin, noting, “One of the largest stroke-prevention studies using aspirin, the Physician’s Health Study, involved 22,000 physicians and found that patients taking aspirin had twice as many brain hemorrhages as those who did not take aspirin.”

Dr. Blaylock went on to point out that that the problem with just taking a daily aspirin to prevent strokes and heart attacks is that it doesn’t do anything to strengthen the actual blood vessels themselves, something people who are concerned with heart issues should definitely take into consideration.

Basically a weak blood vessel carrying thinned out blood is the perfect set up for a stroke. Makes sense.

Blaylock goes on to say that the herb Gingko Biloba not only thins the blood, but helps strengthen the collagen and elastin in blood vessel walls. In addition, flavonoids contained in Ginkgo biloba protect from free radical damage.

That’s in addition to other numerous Ginkgo biloba health effects reported by numerous other natural health sites, including:

  • Enhances memory
  • Uplifts the spirit
  • Strengthens the eyes
  • Relaxes constricted blood vessels
  • Improves circulation
  • Acts as an energy restorative
  • Provides antioxidant boost
  • Relieves tension and anxiety

But Ginkgo biloba isn’t a manufactured chemical some guy started producing for Big Pharma company Bayer just over 100 years ago. It’s just a plant that’s been around for millions of years and been used medicinally since long before the guy who created aspirin’s grandparents were even a speck in their grandparents’ eyes. What does nature know?

By now we should all be asking ourselves how anyone anywhere lived to be over 60 ever in the history of humanity before they were told to take aspirin every single day.

For more scientific explanations on how to enhance your health naturally with supplements, vitamins, and just simply paying more attention to what you’re eating and drinking and how it effects your life, check out Dr. Blaylock’s book Health and Nutrition Secrets.

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Melissa is a researcher and writer on anything that will help people make better decisions regarding what they are putting in their bodies to get healthier in this toxic soup we're all living in.

Paul - August 17, 2014

Some research indicates a link between the increased use of Aspirin and rising numbers of older people with macular degeneration. Can it be proven? And if it can, will it be?

Tom Clark - August 17, 2014

Not one mention of their depopulation programs. Every industrial nation is culled one way or another. Depends on what country you live in, decides how they cull you. Africa is easy, they can do anything they want to them and get away with it. Europe and the US are more sensitive and complicated. Death by allopathic medicine is huge…along with junk science, combined with
the dumbing down process. This combo has been killing people for a long time.

Really? Fluoride, a waste product of the phosphate fertilizer belongs in our bodies?
Aspartame, the genetically modified e coli feces, combined with methanol, makes our sweeteners deadly and the science community allows this, especially with all the data showing the harmful effects?

The bees are dying, science knows why, but is paralyzed to do anything about it…because Monsanto would be put out of business. I wonder how the Pacific ocean is doing with all that Fukushima waste flowing into it?

Science is a tool of the banksters and in no way will ever show results that can hurt profit…sort of like GMOs or vaccinations.

Decisions about our health are not based on health, but on profit.

We need to reach deeper and stop denying everything is ok.

Civilization as we know it under threat and science is not our friend right now.

Leaping Lizard - August 17, 2014

Tom Clark – If you study the history of Aspartame, it might be more accurate to call it Donald Rumsfeld feces. For those who don’t understand that comment, check out Sweet Misery on youtube.

Ed Ward, MD - August 18, 2014

An aspirin a day has been recommended for at least 2 decades. Although, for those prone to a stroke, 2 a day is the recommended dose. The effects of 1 aspirin a day will help to locate any ‘silent’ bleeders in the intestines- GI tract – allows smaller cancers to be found sooner. 1 aspirin a day will help prevent MI’s, but it takes 2 a day to help prevent strokes. The side effects from this dose in a non flu patient are usually minimal at worst, transient, and extremely cheap for all it does.

Get Real - August 18, 2014

Here’s the question to try to answer:
“What obligates the Media or Government to care about your survival?”
Absolutely nothing, period.

If you believe they have some “moral and ethical obligation” then you are a fool and fools can be twisted and warped in any way the Controllers want to do it. Having human compassion is the least desirable trait for the Cretans that were trained to “cattle drive the herds of people” that they wrongly have control of.

When people finally get that through their thick heads that no one in the Media cares about PEOPLE…they then will be able to understand that EVERYTHING has been coordinated to keep them suppressed, confused, hesitate, and just believe in dumb things!

june - August 18, 2014

Pick up a book and do your own research on nutritional healing. You won’t hear that from mainstream medical media.

walt - August 18, 2014

I quit trusting any of them many years ago.
I live with common sense and a little of how my parent did that made them live so long and healthy- they basically stayed away from doctors other than emergencies.

abinico warez - August 18, 2014

Years ago I had a condition where I would get a daily afternoon fever about 100+F. Doctors wanted to test me for AIDS and at that point I knew they were useless. So I researched myself and found I had a dairy allergy, which BTW is quite common. Gave up dairy and fevers went away. Since that time I have great contempt for our medical industry – if you suffer from a chronic health issue, do find and see a good naturopath – the regular doctor will just make you miserable and possibly kill you (I.E. medical industry kills about 200,000 yearly).

Cam - September 5, 2014

Excellent advice! When one considers that AMA trained physicians get about 3 hours of nutrition studies, and that we are what we eat”, it’s no wonder that modern medicine is good at basic trauma treatment, bad at chronic illness (or prevention?) Better to know your own body, eat with nature (simple, organic produce, fruits, nuts/seeds, vegetables and minimal processed foods), trust your health with someone who shares your ideas in healthy living.

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