New PSA: “Because Fluoride!”

The same government that has no problem legalizing all kinds of chemicals that wreak havoc on your entire body…really cares about your teeth. A lot. Enough to add chemical byproducts from fertilizer manufacturing to your water for you whether you like it or not. For your teeth. They don’t care enough about you to add, say, vitamins to the water while they’re in there adding that fluoride…but your teeth. Yes. Your teeth (and only your teeth) are very, very important to the government.

Brought to you by the Oh Just Shut Up and Drink It Already, Who Even Needs a Pineal Gland Coalition.

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Melissa Dykes

Melissa is a researcher and writer on anything that will help people make better decisions regarding what they are putting in their bodies to get healthier in this toxic soup we're all living in.

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Penelope Powell - September 29, 2014

Is there any way to avoid fluoride in my drinking water? I can’t find a bottled one that doesn’t have it. They’re all in plastic anyway. I bought one of those countertop distillers and added minerals, but then I realized that the condenser in the distiller was not stainless steel like the rest of it. I rent and so can’t install an expensive reverse-osmosis apparatus. Do you know of a bottled water or other source for fluoride-free water. My water has chloramine, so I can’t even avoid the chlorine.

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