ANNOUNCING a 5-Day Juice Fast: Aaron and Mel Will Be Vlogging All Weekend! Join Us!


Hey guys, Melissa here.

So, this Saturday, March 21st, Aaron Dykes and I have committed to begin what we hope will be a five-day juice fast cleanse.

Watch the trailer here!

We plan to upload video blogs about it all weekend long and a bit throughout next week as well until we see it through. Videos will go up throughout the day and night too over at the official Nutritional Anarchy YouTube channel.

Please join us on what Aaron swears will be fun but I think will be more like me trying not to sob in the fetal position or attack the refrigerator with a spear.

Any positive thoughts/energy, love, and advice will be greatly appreciated! Should be fun… or… I dunno, alternately very hard to watch.

Love you guys,

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Melissa is a researcher and writer on anything that will help people make better decisions regarding what they are putting in their bodies to get healthier in this toxic soup we're all living in.

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