Things To Do on a Juice Fast That Aren’t Eating Solid Food

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We are currently on day four of our five-day juice fast challenge, and we plan to go back and write about each day, the trials, the tribulations, the tips, and the lessons learned shortly. It’s been a pretty amazing few days to say the least. There’s a reason people say juice fasting is transformative, and it isn’t simply because of the weight loss.

We’ve been told by a professional that day three is the worst day. If you can get past three days of not eating solid food, subsisting only on healthy juices, you will pass the “hump” and move on to a state of magical mental and emotional clarity, renewed energy, and an overall sense of well-being.

Judging on the video above, clearly day three of juice fasting has taken its toll…

View Aaron and Mel’s full juice fast challenge 2015 playlist here. We’re still going strong!

Because people have asked, our juicer is an Omega 8006 masticating juicer.

Lots of info to come!

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Indira - June 27, 2015

Good on you. I’ve gone as long as 45 days on just juice, and 12 on just water.

One thing, though, I disagree with those who say to come off a fast of any sort with raw fruits/veggies. I’ve tried that and felt absolutely horrible…like dying horrible. Last 2 times I fasted, however, I came off of it with smoothies…just sips here and there, my body told me when to slow down (started feeling weird). The sips gradually became larger and larger for 3-4 consecutive days, til I was downing about a cup (8 oz) at a go (I guess that’d be referred to as a gulp?) without feeling odd. THEN I started on raw fruits with smoothies, watery ones like oranges, THEN the raw higher fiber stuff. THEN regular food. About 5-7 days to come off it total.

The last one I did was a 10 day water fast in May 2015. The longer (and more extreme, like just water) the fast, the longer it takes to get back on regular food. Don’t try to rush it, even though you might be craving to just stuff any old thing in your pie hole. If you do, you will get sick as a dog (as the saying goes).

A lot of ppl won’t fast because they say it makes them feel horrible, both during and after. Well, DURING, you’re detoxing. Yeah, you’re going to feel rough during the “healing crisis”. Grit your teeth and deal. Call in sick if you have to. I usually take vacation time for my prolonged fasts, cause I KNOW I’m going to have a day or two where I feel like utter crap. Coming off, well, what would you expect to happen when you suddenly start eating after your digestion has shut down? Start with sips of raw fruit smoothies. Then you won’t feel so bloody awful coming off a fast. And when you finally start eating, CHEW YOUR FOOD THOROUGHLY. If you don’t, I promise you will regret it. The act of chewing gets those digestive juices flowing once again. If you’re getting bad gas or digestive cramps while coming off, take some pro-biotics with digestive enzymes/hydrochloric acid with your food.

Trust me, I’ve been fasting now and again for 20 years. Felt like hell coming off til I finally figured out the smoothie angle. And the older you get, the longer it takes to get your digestive system back in order. (I’m 54). And the odd thing is, once I figured out what worked for me, the last two times I came off fasting were the only times in my fasting experience that my body wasn’t screaming at me to eat, eat, eat, and put that fat back where it was. The weight came off and stayed off.

And for the record, I do not enjoy fasting, but I love the way I feel once everything is back in order. Ya gotta clean house every now and again. In fact, I have a 5 day weekend coming up. Fasting sounds like a plan. Especially since the temps are supposed to be 100+ for the next week or so. Probably won’t feel like eating anyways. And my new Omega juicer (VSJ843) is waiting for me when the PO opens again Monday. Although, I think I’ll do water again for 5 days, then juice for 5, then smoothies for 5. That’ll work.

    Indira - June 27, 2015

    Sorry about the run-on paragraph…I did put spacing in for easier reading, but I guess the program decided it was too long, and took the spacing out.

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