Community Seed Sharing Increasingly Branded as ‘Illegal’


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Growing your own is under threat, particularly with moves to criminalize seed sharing within communities and seed libraries.

The powers that be would love for people to simply stop growing their own food crops, and in particular from growing any viable self-sustaining communities.

John Kohler of the popular Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens You Tube channel, interviews some key figures about the mounting issue of targeting small scale seed libraries by demonizing them and what they represent.

John from breaks the news that seed sharing in the USA has been deemed not legal and certain organizations are prohibited from freely sharing seeds…

Watch this interview with lawyer Neil Thapar, of the Sustainable Economies Law Center, and Rebecca, a seed activist from the Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library:

What they have to say is unsettling for anyone looking towards a self-sustaining way of life.

Why is this happening?

Take a look at who owns the seed industry, when you take the little guy and the small farmer out of the picture:

The participants in this video urge viewers to sign this petition in support of seed freedom, and to further educate yourself on the issue, and learn to share seeds.

Check out these resources:

Sign the Seed Sharing Petition at:

Learn more about Seed Sharing is Illegal Issue at

Learn how to start your own seed sharing library at:

This is the not the first time this issue has come to the fore.

As Daisy Luther reported, the Department of Agriculture in Pennsylvania has been clamping down on seed libraries and has even deemed them “agri-terrorism,” a silly-serious label that allows gratuitous levels of state resources to be dedicated to stopping something that is actually positive.

Residents in Pennsylvania can now breathe a little bit easier since an illegal enterprise has been shut down.

The Joseph T. Simpson Public Library in Mechanicsburg was participating in an activity that put the entire ecosystem of the state at risk.

In an astonishing act of hubris, they were running a seed library, right there amongst the books, in the very facility where small children go to have stories read to them.

I’m not making this up. A SEED LIBRARY.

No joke:

Darr explained that the Seed Act primarily focuses on the selling of seeds — which the library was not doing — but there is also a concern about seeds that may be mislabeled (purposefully or accidentally), the growth of invasive plant species, cross-pollination and poisonous plants.

The department told the library it could not have the seed library unless its staff tested each seed packet for germination and other information. Darr said that was clearly not something staff could handle. (source)

Aaron Dykes reported on similar moves in the EU to ban untested seeds from being saved or shared:

If this takes root as law in Europe and elsewhere, it will contribute towards the total subjugation of the people to the undue powers granted to biotech and Big Agra.

The Real Seed Catalogue has warned about this tyrannical law and the business interests behind it. They say that under this bad law, “It costs nearly £3000 to test & register just one single variety of seed for sale“:

This law will immediately stop the professional development of vegetable varieties for home gardeners, organic growers and small scale market farmers. Home gardeners have really different needs – for example they grow by hand, not machine, and can’t or don’t want to use such powerful chemical sprays. There’s no way to register the varieties suitable for home use as they don’t meet the strict criteria of the Plant Variety Agency, which is only concerned about approving the sort of seed used by industrial farmers – Ben Gabel, Director of The Real Seed Catalogue

The “Plant Reproductive Material Law” regulates all plants. It will be illegal to grow, reproduce, or trade any vegetable seed or tree that has not been been tested and approved by the government, more specifically the “EU Plant Variety Agency.”


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desertspeaks - March 31, 2015

Why does everyone blindly accept that the governments laws, codes, statutes, edicts, rules and regulations apply to the private person without EVER questioning it?? Obviously there are going to be some idiots whose opinions are in lock step with government employees, their indoctrination to blind obedience is unshakable.. BUT CAN ANYONE ACTUALLY PROVE THEIR LAWS APPLY TO THE PRIVATE PERSON?? Can you??

IF you ask government employees if their CONstitution and laws automatically apply to everyone, their collective opinion is that YES, their CONstitution and laws apply to everyone, automatically. BUT if you ask them what facts they rely on that PROVE their BELIEF that it is applicable to you, they have no plausible answer, they’ll hang up on you, feign as though they don’t understand the question, tell you that they aren’t going to debate with you “EVEN THOUGH ALL YOU DID WAS ASK FOR FACTUAL PROOF OF THEIR ASSERTION OF JURISDICTION” They’ll even tell you to prove it doesn’t apply to you, this is an attempt to avoid answering your question!!, but they’ll continue to refuse to answer as to what facts they rely on to prove any of it applies to you, BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE ANY FACTS THAT SUPPORT THEIR BELIEF!.. remember, they already told you it applies, it is their responsibility to prove it applies because they are the ones attempting to bring a charge against you, so the onus to prove it applies is theirs,.. It is not up to you to disprove anything applies!!!

Everyone has been told that the CONstitution and law automatically apply to everyone. it’s everyones opinion that it applies, everyone feels it applies, everyone believes it applies, everyone assumes and presumes it applies. HOWEVER; hearsay, opinions, feelings, beliefs, assumptions and presumptions aren’t proof of a damn thing.

What factual, first hand, irrefutable evidence can anyone offer that proves that their CONstitution and laws apply to the private person simply because they are physically in what we commonly refer to geographically as a state.

Keeping in mind that slavery and involuntary servitude is illegal. Further, no private person is a party to their CONstitution nor is any private person a signatory to their CONstitution, nor has any private person sworn an oath to be bound by or to obey the CONstitution and laws.

Do you grasp the gravity of NOT being a party to some agreement, contract, compact or constitution??
When one is NOT a party to some agreement, contract, compact or CONstitution, then one is NOT BOUND TO OBEY IT OR ANY PROMULGATIONS ARISING FROM SAID INSTRUMENT! “those promulgations would be codes, policies, statutes and laws etc”

Who precisely is a party to their CONstitution?? The States are parties to the CONstitution. NOT YOU, THE LIVING BREATHING FLESH AND BLOOD MAN/WOMAN!!

Should you choose to accept the challenge to show your proof/evidence. You shall adhere to the following;

Your proof/evidence MUST be factual and personal first hand information, your proof/evidence shall not be comprised of hearsay, your opinions, someone else’s opinions, your beliefs, someone else’s beliefs, your feelings, someone else’s feelings, assumptions, presumptions, hypotheticals, conjecture, sophistry, fraud, lies, scenarios or what if’s.

U.S. Supreme court; The Clara, 102 U.S. 200 (1880)
the maxim applies quod non apparet non est. The fact not appearing is presumed not to exist.

Good luck!

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