So Many Endocrine Disruptors in the English Channel, More Than Half the Clams Studied Are Hermaphrodites


(Nutritional Anarchy) If you haven’t started reverse osmosis filtering your water yet, here’s another reason to start.

A new study published in Marine Pollution Bulletin on March 30, 2015 has found that more than half the clams surveyed along the English Channel, its estuaries and surrounding areas were intersexed — another way of saying hermaphrodites.

Researchers looked at estuarine clams known as S. plana in 108 intertidal locations around the English Channel and found that 58% of the populations studied contained intersexed individuals “described as male clams exhibiting ovotestis.” Proportions of intersexed clams averaged at 8.6% of each population/location studied, but some groups contained as many as 53% hermaphrodite clams.

The study authors concluded, “S. plana is a useful tool to assess endocrine disruptive effects in estuaries, although mechanisms of impact and causative agents remain uncertain.”

In other words, the water is so polluted with gender-bending chemicals, it is turning large numbers of clams into hermaphrodites.

Endocrine disruptors don’t just unnaturally cause marine life to switch sexes; they also contribute to everything from hormonal issues to hormonally driven cancer in humans. And we’re surrounded by endocrine disruptors. Many of our bath and beauty products, to the pesticides, to our flame-retardant furniture, and even some of the chemicals allowed in the food supply are known endocrine disruptors.

As I’ve previously written, “I don’t think people realize how completely inundated we are with foreign estrogen substances that can wreak total havoc on our bodies. Estrogen mimickers not only bond with receptors in hormonal cancer cells, thus causing certain cancers like breast and ovarian for example to grow and spread, but they also screw up our hormones, which in turn screws up our metabolism and can cause all kinds of nasty health problems, everything from depression to infertility to endometriosis to autoimmune disorders to early onset puberty to weight gain to acne and so many, many more.”

This isn’t just the English Channel, either. Last decade, scientists looking at the waterways near Washington D.C. accidentally happened upon large numbers gender-bending fish. “Researchers also found chemicals from pesticides and flame retardants as well as fragrances commonly found in products such as soaps, antiperspirants, and deodorants,” National Geographic reported.

Might as well add this study to the same list that includes that other study about how shrimp are actually committing suicide by swimming towards the light due to the high levels of antidepressants in our water as well.

Again, have you started filtering your water yet?


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