Pulling Fish with Big Cancerous Tumors out of the River Is Considered Normal These Days

(Nutritional Anarchy) Last time I wrote about a study regarding the screwed up aquatic life we’re finding in our waterways, the article had the word “hermaphrodite” in the title.

Check out this fish an angler caught last November in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River:


Yes, it has been confirmed that is a giant cancerous tumor growing off of its face.

AOL News reports, “the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat commission ordered lab testing to further investigate the state of the Susquehanna River. The lab found that the smallmouth bass’ tumor was indeed cancerous, a clear indicator that water pollution was adversely effecting the river’s inhabitants.”

In this video report from Fox43, apparently this isn’t anything new…to anglers in that area, unfortunately, it’s normal.

“You know, we’re just waiting to catch one with 3 eyes.”

The outlet continued:

We’ve told you about pollution in the Susquehanna before. Two years ago the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission sought to have the waterway declared impaired. But, the Department of Environmental Protection doesn’t agree. They’ve said there’s not a clear distinction between whether there’s water quality issue or if it’s a bass problem.

Either way, folks we spoke with would never eat a fish from the river. For them, it’s just catch and release.

If our water doesn’t straight up turn fish and other aquatic life into hermaphrodites, it’s giving them cancer.

So what do you think it is doing to you when you when you eat it?

Again, if you haven’t started reverse osmosis filtering your water yet, here’s another reason to start.

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