What IS Nutritional Anarchy?

The word anarchy comes from the ancient Greek ἀναρχία (anarchia), which combines ἀ (a), “not, without” and ἀρχή (arkhi), “ruler, leader, authority.”

Thus, the term refers to a person or society “without rulers” or “without leaders.”

Anarchism is the revolutionary idea that no one is more qualified than you to decide how to run your life.


Who owns you?

Who is responsible for your health and well-being?



Our mission at Nutritional Anarchy is to help you learn about nutrition and health.

The most accurate information is usually not based on guidelines developed by government bureaucrats, politicians, and lobbyists.

They are unlikely to have YOUR best interests in mind.

After all, it was government guidelines that provided us with the low-fat diet recommendations that made us LESS healthy.

It was government guidelines that recommended a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet. That way of eating has been disastrous for us – it has led to a tragic increase in serious health problems like type 2 diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

Government guidelines on nutrition and health are – to this day – appallingly inadequate and inaccurate.

This is why – now more than ever – it is important to carefully examine and scrutinize information on nutrition and health (yes, that includes the information on this website!).

Anarchy is about thinking for yourself, acting freely, and living fully.

Nutritional Anarchy is about applying that philosophy to your diet.

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About the author

Lisa Egan

Lisa is a researcher and writer who lives in the outskirts of D.C. She has a BS in Health Science with a concentration in Nutrition. Lisa has worked as a personal trainer and nutritionist and is a certified hypnotherapist. She enjoys helping people learn about how to improve their health.

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