Commit Nutritional Anarchy: The Great American Grocery Hoax

There is a hoax of monumental proportions going on in the grocery industry in the USA and across the world. It’s a secret that’s been kept for 50 years, and it’s getting worse, despite the Internet and the availability of information exposing the scandal.

Especially in times like these, this secret is wheeled out in increasing numbers and severity but is more closely guarded than ever, often through disguising what’s going on.

Unemployment is on the up, and dollars (or whatever your currency is) are buying you less. But you still seem to be able to buy certain types of food really cheaply. Why is that?

The secret is really simple here: what you are being sold is nutritionally pointless and potentially damaging. It’s cheap to produce because it’s completely artificial or nutritionally meaningless, which is why it’s so cheap.

The grocery companies know it, the government knows it, and the manufacturers know it. They don’t care though, because they are making greater profits than ever selling us highly refined foods stuffed with additives and substances that you would never ever eat on their own, and because your stomach is full you feel like you are getting a good deal.

Most Of The Stuff For Sale Can Barely Count As “Food”

Food should be nutritious, and it should be made from natural ingredients. It should consist of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. It should help the body to sustain growth, maintain vital processes, repair itself, deliver energy, and help deliver vitamins and minerals to the body as well.

However, look at what is in most food out there now. Refined carbohydrates, sugars, synthetic ingredients, GMO crops. Even the meat is mass-produced and pumped full of steroids and water.

Then it’s all packed up in cellophane, foil, bags, trays, pumped full of additives in the food and into the packaging to make it last longer, and then it’s made to look pretty with colorings. Even a bag of bananas (like most fruit in packaging) is pumped full of gas to make it last longer.

Now some people get a bit zealous about this. They claim it’s no food at all nowadays. They claim that our ancestors wouldn’t even recognize this as food. Now that’s obviously paranoid nonsense, but the key point is that food is not as nutritious as it should be, even when it is marketed as such. That’s the trick, that’s the con, making it seem nutritionally valuable when it’s not.

Just Take A Look At Your Average Supermarket Products

There was this stuff called Soylent Green. Google it if you want to know, but basically, it’s a dystopian nightmare film from 1973. It was actually made out of humans, and was not only consumed universally, but it was made so tasty that it was delectable and people craved it.

Now think about fructose corn syrup, the number of other types of sugar we have in foods, MSG which stimulates the production of hunger hormones, refined carbohydrates, fake cheese, you name it it’s in those empty foods. And we crave it, and we can’t get enough of it.

Then look at this slogan used to sell it: “Bet you can’t eat just one”, “Once you pop you can’t stop”.

This isn’t about selling food; it’s about getting you hooked on the product. It’s poorly nourished artificial food that stimulates more hunger and addiction because of the high levels of carbohydrates and sugar in their products. Then there’s the taste, mostly produced through high levels of salt which slowly kills you on top of all that.

Next time you walk around the supermarket take a look at everything in a box, packet or jar. If it’s got dozens of ingredients, and yet the photo marketing on it claims to be natural and shows real “food”, then the chances are you shouldn’t go near it.

We Are Being Sold Drugs To Get Addicted To

So with everything made the way it is so deliberately, are we deliberately being sold drugs to get addicted to in food form?

To an extent, we are. Why do you think fast food is so addictive and so widely sold? Because it’s cheap to produce, easily sold to the masses, and produces high profits. The people who make it and sell it couldn’t care less about your health as they would know that what they are selling is poison. What they do know is it’s addictive.

Look at your average takeaway. A burger with about 50% meat in it, refined processed cheese, a white bread bun made from bleached and refined flour, all stuffed full of salt and additives to actually make it taste of something. Then frozen chips that have been “reconstituted” rather than even cut from potatoes. Tomato ketchup that doesn’t contain tomato, mayonnaise that is mostly additives and is barely been near an egg let alone contain any. It just goes on, and it’s scary as hell.

The truth is that this is poisonous, mostly artificial, food that sold to fill your stomach but offers you nothing else. It gets you hooked, and you want more really quickly because of the massive insulin spike to process it, and the people selling it to you know it. That’s why it’s cheap, and that’s why it’s packaged the way it is.

Commit Nutritional Anarchy Right Now!

The only way out of this is to commit nutritional anarchy, which is what we are all about right here on this site. So be adventurous. Buy fruit, both vegetables, buy the real ingredients and make your food from scratch.

If you have to buy anything in a jar a packet, make it as little as you can, things like pasta, but not the sauces which you can make yourself. Just refuse to eat any products that are flavored with brain killers, things like neurotoxins, sugar, salt, or anything else.

Avoid the soft drinks packed full of artificial sweeteners that destroy your brain cells, and sugar that comes in quantities approaching a bag per bottle.

Go back to basics guys. Get some recipes online, print them off, by the ingredients, and make real food for you and your family. It’s far easier than you think to join the nutritional anarchists.

Back It Up With Exercise, Clever Supplement Use, And Body Positivity

And it doesn’t stop with food anarchy either. Get out and exercise. Go for a walk, go to the gym, get on your bike. Get your family outside, kick a ball around, throw things, swinging the trees, whatever takes your fancy.

It’s fine to take some supplements. Multivitamins can help, especially in the post-pandemic world. Vitamins, minerals (things like iron and zinc are great because they can be in short supply in food).

If you go to the gym, bodybuilding supplements are fine as well as long as they contain only natural ingredients that help to boost your vascularity, energy levels, muscle regeneration, and your testosterone levels of your mail.

Try to stick to drinking water rather than sugar or artificial sweetener stuff drinks, makes you drink a couple of liters per day.

It’s easier than you think to completely transform your diet, stay away from the horrendous poisons which are in our supermarkets, stop funding the massive profits of hellholes like McDonald’s, and give yourself a cognitive and physical energy boost like you haven’t experienced in 10 years.

Commit Nutritional Anarchy: The Great American Grocery Hoax
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