Here’s Why Alzheimer’s Cases Will Double By 2060

Nearly 20 million Americans each year will have full-blown Alzheimer’s disease, or cognitive impairment approaching the levels of Alzheimer’s, by 2060.

That’s going to be an increase from the 6 million who get Alzheimer’s or similar cognitive decline in conditions each year in the USA. This is from a study by UCLA researchers.

The study says the findings highlight the need for us to develop countermeasures that can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, and understand the implications of neuropathological changes that can lead to it happening.

This Is What The Press Release Said

The press release stated that “there are about 47 million people in the US today who have some evidence of preclinical Alzheimer’s, which means I have either a buildup of the protein fragments called beta-amyloid, or neurodegeneration of the brain but don’t yet have symptoms…”

The study the team examined many peer-reviewed studies and the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. They then used a computer model that took into account the increasing aging of the US population. This took them to the projection of doubled Alzheimer’s cases by 2060 in the USA.

The findings are pretty concerning. Especially as this includes people around 30 years old. Not only are cases going to go up because of an aging population, but the age at which some people are getting the symptoms of cognitive impairment, even mildly, is getting younger.

So What Actually Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive condition that slowly lowers your capacity to form and recall memory, slows your thinking, and change your behavior. In its early stages, someone with Alzheimer’s may feel mildly confused, not be able to remember things, or can feel they are struggling to think.

Eventually, once it’s full-blown, they even forget the people they know and make huge mistakes due to poor memory and brain fog. This can also lead to them being targeted by crooks, or making expensive mistakes online.

Because symptoms develop so slowly, it can be quite well established before it’s noticed.

Age is the biggest factor in Alzheimer’s, but it’s not part of the normal aging process. People getting forgetful when they are old shouldn’t happen, it’s because of this cognitive decline that can be avoided.

Alzheimer’s is the sixth biggest cause of death in the USA today. On average, people live for just eight years after diagnosis. Although because it’s mostly an elderly disease this is expected, the trend is getting younger. So as you can see, it’s a huge problem and it’s getting worse.

Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s Disease

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are many, but the top 10 early warning symptoms are:

  • Memory loss that impacts daily tasks
  • Difficulty planning or solving problems
  • Difficulty completing usually familiar and repeated tasks
  • Confusion over dates and times
  • Trouble comprehending visual stimuli
  • Problems with speaking and literacy where none existed before
  • Losing things and being unable to retrace steps taken
  • An increase in poor judgment
  • An increasing withdrawal from social activities
  • Increasingly noticeable mood and personality changes

Causes Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Most cases of inherited Alzheimer’s are early-onset cases. Although small, it is possible to have a rare gene structure that increases your chances of early-onset Alzheimer’s. However, this is numbered in the low hundreds every year and is not a big cause of Alzheimer’s.

But in the vast majority of cases, age, genetics, environment, lifestyle, and other medical conditions usually combine some way to increase risk factors.

High blood pressure, obesity, type II diabetes, and smoking are all known to raise the risk of Alzheimer’s significantly.

Some autopsies done during studies also suggest up to 80% of people with Alzheimer’s disease also had cardiovascular disease. Whether this is linked directly, or because people with cardiovascular disease tend to have poor lifestyles, which can cause the buildups which lead to Alzheimer’s, is not widely understood.

So the truth is that most people could actually avoid Alzheimer’s, or at least serious cognitive decline, if they change their lifestyle, even moderately.

As with so much, not being overweight, and not putting rubbish in your body can solve so many problems. Garbage in, garbage out, then you rot away.

Prevention And Reversal Of Alzheimer’s Disease

In terms of prevention and reversal of Alzheimer’s disease, the obvious thing to do is to lose weight, exercise more, and change your lifestyle for the better.

Cut out poor quality foods, and eat just natural foods. Cut out alcohol as well to really minimize your chances. As we advocate so often, stay away from all additives and preservatives, fat, sugars, all that horrid stuff that can cause so many problems.

Some natural supplements also have neuroprotective properties. I’m not going to go through them all here, if you go online and look for cognitive supplements, you’ll find all sorts of evidence for many natural substances having the ability to help to clear out beta-amyloid buildup, stop the buildup of free radicals, protect the brain from the signs of decline. Basically, just like on the teeth, it’s a plaque formation that can be removed.

Curcumin, vitamin D, vitamin D, omega-3 oil, the list of things thought to help stop the onset of Alzheimer’s is huge, including some nootropic substances. However, always do your own research before starting to take a new supplement.

However, if you want to start simply, then just eat healthily and take a multivitamin supplement. Exercise every day, and that will help to reverse the trend.

There is no magic shield to protect you from Alzheimer’s, but a simple lifestyle change will really help. Sure, you knew supplements, and some of them do have great promise, and I’d certainly suggest you look into some of them.

But in terms of nutritional anarchy, we have to talk about good wholesome food, good sleep, being calm, using your brain, and getting everything you need to allow your body to function at its peak. If you’re lazy, and you put rubbish in, you will get rubbish out, and eventually will lead to a permanent cognitive decline.

Here’s Why Alzheimer’s Cases Will Double By 2060
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