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Nutritional Anarchy started many years ago to address the problems as I saw them in the world around poor nutrition and food quality.

I’m still passionate about all of those topics. When you look at the processed rubbish that people put in their bodies every day, it genuinely scares me, and it should frighten you as well.

When you look at how heart-destroying high-fructose corn syrup is used, how highly refined and processed carbs are used, how many of the ingredients are derived through non-natural processes, or completely chemically generated, it’s really quite frightening when you lay it out for people to read.

I’m an advocate therefore of the whole. Naturally produced, not modified, proper food. But the not only whole, but ensuring its locally sourced as much as possible, and building community through it. So we are talking about sustainability here as well, community farming, returning to a more localized lifestyle, the whole 9 yards.

But as the years have gone by, as I’ve got a little older, I’ve also started to look at my own physical health. You can eat well, you can cut out all the processed rubbish, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be physically healthy and enjoy a long and positive life.

You have to exercise to achieve your goals of being cognitively and physically well, to give you the best chance of that long and positive life.

Exercise at its most fundamental level, even the process of walking every day, gives you fresh air, vitamin D (cough coronavirus cough) from the sun, moving blood around your system; it helps with cardiovascular health, helps with mental health, and allows you to do more.

I must admit, just as I got a little obsessed over the years with inducing nutritional anarchy in the people who read this site, I’m now starting to get passionate about health and fitness as well.

I’m not talking about full-on bodybuilding here, I am talking about making the most of yourself physically as well as mentally and backing it all up with a great diet.

So I’m also going to talk about the basics of physical health. How to exercise well, and the right way.

I’m going to talk to you about my gym journey. Yes, I now go to the gym. I have equipment at home as well that I use, hired weights and exercise machines, and I also now runs several miles a day as well.

I back that up with more than great nutrition. I now use specialist nutritional supplements, from single natural substances that can help with physical and mental health, through to combining them myself. But I also use premade specialist nutritional supplements that I buy as well because sometimes it’s cheaper and more effective that way.

I’ve even dabbled with SARMs, aka Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. For me, the research anecdotally is there and backed up by 20 years of used by bodybuilders, without any bad side effects being shown. There’s literally no evidence that the bodybuilding community has high instances of serious illness, or anything like cancer, especially amongst those who openly used SARMs in the past two decades. I’m not averse to synthetic substances if they are wholly beneficial and not damaging to the body or environment.

So this blog is now far more than talking about specialist nutrition. Although I’m passionate about it, I’ve come to realize over the years that you have to have an approach that embraces everything, not just one aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

I wrote a few years back about Alzheimer’s, and how it was increasing. It’s obvious to me, and becoming more strongly linked through scientific studies, that it’s down to poor exercise and diet as well. Also, it’s things like poor mental health, sedentary lifestyle, and in many areas, I believe it’s down to the poor quality of the air due to pollution.

By embracing a great nutritional lifestyle, and cutting out the processed evil rubbish that is full of chemicals and awful substances that we just don’t know the effects of, we can dramatically reduce instances of poor mental health as well as poor physical health.

Think about the power of backing that up with physical exercise as well. It doesn’t matter how old you are either. You can always do physical exercise. Going for a walk, even just sitting on the chair and doing lifts, or using very light dumbbells to build up your upper body muscles, you can do so much, no matter who you are.

So more than it used to be, Nutritional Anarchy as a website is now a “call to arms” for people who want to transform their lives mentally and physically.

It’s about living ethically, it’s about fighting back against big industry, it’s about calling out the companies who are destroying clean living and the health of the nation.

It’s about living sustainably, it’s about preserving the whole peach, as I’ve written about before. It’s about being frugal, not being greedy, not giving in to the marketing which tells us it’s okay to consume endlessly without guilt or consideration of the future impacts on us and the world around us.

But more than that, Nutritional Anarchy is now about the whole peach in terms of backing all that good stuff up with personal physical pride.

So you’ll learn how to live ethically and cleanly, you’ll learn here how to confront big industry and take it on, you’ll learn how to look at things a different way in terms of how you consume, how you produce, and how you interact.

And now, in this revamped version of the original website, I’ll now not only visit all those topics and pass on my latest thoughts, but I also tell you about my fitness journey, and that of my wife as well.

We will discuss how we have progressed over the past 10 years physically, after realizing and confronting the physical decline that we were not addressing. That physical decline was leading to a cognitive decline, and I could see it was leading to poor mental health.

No longer. Those days are gone. Nutritional Anarchy, just like me, is reborn, and I’m going to pass on to my experiences as before, but now backed up with how to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy, backed up by the nutritional and sporting supplements that underpin it.

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