SARM Andarine Results – Lose Up To 5% Of Your Total Body Fat In One Cycle

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Losing fat on your own is quite hard and that’s why many people resort to SARMs as they can help you out in your journey.

Andarine is especially popular when it comes to the task of getting rid of your stubborn belly fat and many have successfully done that with the help of this compound.

These are not the only Andarine results you can expect while on this supplement and is just a small benefit in the overall picture.

This article will show you how to use this SARM to its upmost potential and in the end, we’ll reveal four shops that sell the best Andarine on the market.

Andarine S4 Review – Effects on The Body

There are five benefits which we would like to mention in this Andarine s4 review.

  • Induces Weight and Fat Loss With Andarine, you’ll see the pounds dropping in no time. Not only that, but you’ll also burn a lot of fat in just one cycle. The reason behind this is because Andarine has a very high affinity to the androgen receptors, meaning that it burns more fat than the average SARM.
  • Increases Libido and Energy Levels If you’re known for being lethargic or suffering from problems related to your libido, you will love S4 for these two effects. You’re going to be a lot more assertive while on the compound and you’ll feel on top of the world.
  • Increases Strength and Muscle Mass You will notice the strength increase at around week four and that’s also when the new muscle mass will start to show itself.
  • Increases The Sturdiness of Your BonesAn eight-week long study on mice has shown that S4 has the ability to bolster your bones, making them able to withstand more mass and therefore enabling you to build more muscle on your body.
  • Vascularity As you lose more and more fat all around your body, it’s especially going to be beneficial in regard to your veins and their prominence. You will feel a lot more manly and well-defined once the vascularity kicks in.

Andarine S4 Dosage

Andarine has a half-life of around six hours in the human body, meaning that we have to dose it three to four times a day to get the full effects.

Beginners can dose it three times a day in 5mg increments, intermediate users can take it in 5mg doses, four times a day.

Andarine shouldn’t be cycled for longer than ten weeks. It’s best to not go over eight weeks if it’s your first cycle, as your body is still adjusting to the compound.

PCT will not be required as Andarine is not suppressive of Testosterone.

Please don’t listen to articles that say your Andarine dosage could be as high as 50mgs a day, such a dosage could lead to side effects.

Andarine Results You Can Expect

The Andarine results you can expect are going to be nothing short of stunning. People using Andarine over a longer period of time, i.e. multiple cycles report nothing but good things.

It’s possible to completely change your physique with Andarine, but not in one cycle.

One cycle will net you visible results, one of them being fat loss of which you’ll lose up to 5%.

The next thing you can expect is an increase in lean muscle mass as the Andarine binds to your androgen receptors, forcing them to build more muscle tissue.

Additionally, you’ll also feel a lot more energetic and pumped up, both inside and outside of the gym. If you’re struggling with lethargy or depression, S4 can help you out of that rut.

Moreover, the quality of your training sessions are going to vastly improve and some people even report shorter recovery times.

In addition to this, you’ll also have stronger bones that will be able to support your new muscle, meaning that you avoid joint and ligament pain altogether.

Finally, you can expect to see your libido levels increase, which shows itself by the fact that you might encounter morning wood when you wake up from your slumber. Yes, that’s right, Andarine can and will turn you into a horny teenager again.

As one can see, the Andarine results are more than awesome and the best thing of all, the muscle mass you gain and fat you lose is permanent; there to stay even when you stop taking the compound.

Andarine Before And After Pictures

Now that we’ve shown you the Andarine results you can expect, it’s time to reveal the truth about the many pictures you’ll probably see when researching this compound.

They are all a giant hoax and nothing more, these Andarine before and after pictures you see plastered all over the internet.

The problem Is, many people want to make a quick buck out of your inexperience, so they promise you that you’ll experience crazy results while on Andarine, such as getting shredded in just one cycle. We once saw an Andarine before and after picture that didn’t even have the same person on the images.

You have to be careful and realistic about the results you’ll get. If you look at the chapter above, you’ll be able to accurately gouge what those results will look like.

The best thing to do is to simply stop searching for these pictures as they can only instill a sense of jealousy and urgency in you. Instead, start focusing on your own results.

Take it one step at a time and you’ll succeed!

Andarine S4 For Sale

You can find Andarine S4 for sale in many shops and businesses, but what they offer is not the best you can get.

We’ve personally tested over 10 vendors to get to the best Andarine there is and from our data, we’ve gathered four shops that fit the bill perfectly.

  1. is a US manufacturer of SARMs, nootropics and other dietary supplements. They have some of the cheapest SARMs around with high purity rates; that’s why they are our first choice when it comes to buying supplements.

You can find Andarine in their store in powder and liquid form.

You can get 1000mgs of the powder for just $49.99 with the powder enjoying a purity rate of over 99%.

The liquid will cost you a bit more, but also get more. 1500mgs of the liquid will set you back $79.99. That’s enough Andarine for two or more cycles.

There are no shipping costs for US residents that order more than 100$ worth of goods and you can expect your package to get to you in around two to four business days.


SwissChems is a SARMs vendor based in the US, with a stellar reputation as they sell a wide assortment of PCT supplements and injectable SARMs. You can also find many other supplements in their shop; you just have to snoop around a little.

They sell Andarine in capsule form and 60 capsules containing 25mgs each will cost you $139.95 if you pay via traditional means. However, if you purchase them using Bitcoin, you will only pay $111.96. You also get an additional 10% off if you provide them with your email address, we did so and didn’t receive any spam insofar.

Comparing this shop to SARMs4You, we see that SARMs4You has much better prices, but they are from Europe. It all depends on the fact whether you have the patience to wait a few extra days for the goods to arrive from Europe.

On the other hand, if you’re restless and can’t wait it out, pay a bit more and enjoy your capsules in around three business days.

You will have to pay an extra $6.95 for shipping if you’re buying the capsules from SwissChems.

To conclude, we’ve shown you the Andarine results you can expect, as well as the best vendors to buy S4 from.

Now the time has come for you to start your own Andarine journey!

SARM Andarine Results – Lose Up To 5% Of Your Total Body Fat In One Cycle
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