DMHA Pre-Workout Supplement Guide

dmha for bodybuilding

Using a DMHA pre-workout supplement can be rocket fuel, I’m telling you it really can take your workouts up to a completely different level, producing serious gains in muscle tone alongside strength. But there are problems with DMHA supplements as well. Is DMHA banned, is it even legal? Is it the same as DMAA, and … Read more

Here’s Why Alzheimer’s Cases Will Double By 2060

Nearly 20 million Americans each year will have full-blown Alzheimer’s disease, or cognitive impairment approaching the levels of Alzheimer’s, by 2060. That’s going to be an increase from the 6 million who get Alzheimer’s or similar cognitive decline in conditions each year in the USA. This is from a study by UCLA researchers. The study … Read more

10 Awesome Ways You Can Truly Preserve The Whole Peach

A while back I talked about the “whole Buffalo” theory again. It’s basically a Native American saying in origin, that helps to remind you about not being wasteful. I want to tell you now about 10 ways you can use the whole peach. I’m saying peaches because that’s what I used but could be any … Read more

GMO Labelling: Will Congress Keep Us In The Dark Will Do The Right Thing?

GMO food

Over the years, polls and other feedback have shown that the American public wants GMO labelling on their food. It’s obvious that people want to make informed choices for themselves and their families about what they consume. So a mandatory scheme would seem obvious, but despite this, senators including the senior Republican Mike Pompeo, introduced … Read more