Should You Buy Blackstone Labs SARMs?

Blackstone labs sarms review

Blackstone Labs SARMs used to be very popular, and the company Blackstone Labs was well known in the supplements world.

But in 2019, the company and six individuals in it, alongside others outside the company, faced a federal indictment, and an upcoming criminal trial. So what’s the deal with Blackstone Labs and the SARMs that they sell? Do they even sell SARMs any more?

What we’re going to do here is delve into the murky world of Blackstone Labs, tell you if they are trustworthy, and also explain where you can buy 100% pure SARMs to use.

Who Exactly Are Blackstone Labs?

Blackstone Labs were a big name in supplements a few years back. They sold SARMs, and they sold prohormones. They also sold anabolic steroids.

The problem was that they shouldn’t have been selling prohormones or anabolic steroids as they were both banned schedule III substances in the USA.

This led to a huge investigation in Florida, and a 2019 federal indictment. I’ll talk to you more about that in a moment as it highlights the trustworthiness of the company.

What SARMs To Blackstone Lab Sell?

Blackstone Labs used to sell all the main types of SARMs, so Ostarine, Cardarine, YK-11, and all good quality. But that’s not what they sell now. They don’t sell any SARMs at all. I’m not actually sure why, as they legitimately could.

What they sell are a range of prohormone supplements, alongside some more natural and herbal supplements.

The prohormone supplements they sell all based around variants of DHEA, the one prohormone that wasn’t banned under the schedule III act. Prohormones metabolize into testosterone, and DHEA also does this. But due to political, social, and economic pressures at the time the act was passed, DHEA was exempt.

So now Blackstone Labs sell variants of DHEA, several of which are in each of the supplements they sell. To give you an idea, this is an example description from the Blackstone Labs bodybuilding supplement “Abnormal”:

“19-NorDHEA (19-NorAndrost-4 ene-3b-ol,17-one). 19-NorDHEA is the precursor to Nandrolone (“deca”), one of the most powerful and popular anabolics of all time. 19-NorDHEA converts to Norandrostenediol, which is 6 times more anabolic than testosterone”

Can You Trust Blackstone Labs: The 2019 Federal Indictment & Trial

So despite prohormones being a schedule substance and banned, variants of DHEA can be used to create supplements, and this is what Blackstone Labs sell.

The problem is that before that, they were selling banned prohormones and anabolic steroids in supplement formats through their own website, and by channeling sales through third-party “fronts”.

After investigation, six people working for Blackstone Labs, including the CEO Philip Braun, were indicted and now face a criminal trial that is scheduled to commence in June 2021.

Apart from selling banned substances nationally and internationally, there are other charges relating to selling unapproved new drugs, and even impersonating an FDA agent. So as you can see, the company is simply not trustworthy. The men who run it, and the associated companies, are probably going to jail after selling banned substances around the world for years.

Blackstone Labs Prohormone Vs SARMs

Now all that is very interesting, and it will obviously warn anyone with a brain away from using Blackstone Labs supplements.

But if you’re looking for SARMs, then Blackstone Labs can’t help you anyway because they don’t sell them any longer.  But what we can do is look at the existing Blackstone Labs prohormone Vs SARMs from other sellers to see if the current products can be trusted.

For me, the answer is no. DHEA is still a prohormone. It converts (metabolizes) into a very potent steroid. This brings with it all the side effects of prohormones and steroids, no matter what the claims from the people who sell them are.

That means it can cause potential artery and heart problems, it can cause androgenic cancer cells to proliferate, it can cause water retention, blood pressure problems, cholesterol problems, the list goes on and on.

SARMs on the other hand, which you definitely can’t buy from Blackstone Labs, are far safer.

SARMs specifically target the androgen receptors in bone and muscle tissue only. This means less side effects, and it means more direct effects on muscle and strength.

Alongside that, some chemicals marketed as SARMs, things like Cardarine, Ibutamoren, and Stenabolic, use different (non-androgenic) mechanisms of action to produce increases in strength, muscle development, and energy levels.

Also, you can stack the various types of SARMs together to create far more subtle and targeted effects in the body. SARMs are like taking sculptors chisel to your body, rather than hitting it with a sledgehammer in the way that prohormones do.

Where You Can Buy SARMs That Are Safe To Use

So let’s finish here by telling you that Blackstone Labs SARMs are unavailable to buy any longer. Even if they were, how could you trust a company that is facing a federal trial?

They do sell prohormones that are legal to use, but only because of a loophole in the original anabolic steroids control act of 2004.

For me, SARMs are far safer, more controllable, and far more nuanced way to bulk up, cut fat, and increase your energy levels. Because some are non-androgenic, it also means you can stack several together without slashing your natural testosterone production too much.

Swiss Chems, and are all places I regularly by SARMs from, and all are high in quality.

All three of them sell 100% pure SARMs for use. You can tell they are pure because every single batch is independently third-party lab tested. Those purity reports are published on the product pages for your peace of mind.

SARMs can be awesome, especially if you stack them work really hard. They are far safer, more subtle, and over time, the results they can produce can be incredible. All without putting yourself at risk.

So my conclusion here is to steer away from considering using Blackstone Labs products because they contain DHEA, which is a very potent and unpredictable prohormone, in whatever variant it is included.

Should You Buy Blackstone Labs SARMs?
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