MK-677 Ibutamoren: Dosage, Results & Where To Find MK-677 For Sale

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MK-677 isn’t a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). That’s the first shocker that you’re going to learn ,but more than that, we’re going to talk about how to use it successfully, and where to find real, pure, MK-677 for sale.

I’m going to talk to you carefully but quickly through everything you need to know. How to use MK-677, how to dose it, what a typical MK-677 cycle looks like, a couple of easy SARMs stacks that include MK-677, and also mention the downside of the fact that it dramatically increases your appetite, and how to deal with that.

All that, plus I’ll tell you the best place to buy MK-677. That’s not as easy as you would think, as it’s been found and proven in studies that as much as 40% of the SARMs for sale out there are not what they are labelled up as.

What Is MK-677 (Ibutamoren)?

MK-677, also known as Ibutamoren and Nutrobal, is sold as, and most commonly referred to, as a SARM, a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator.

However, it’s not a SARM at all. It doesn’t interact with the androgen receptors; it is not anabolic.

That’s what actually makes it so cool. It’s a great way to improve muscle mass, prevent muscle loss during a calorie deficit, and increase your energy levels, but without causing a drop in testosterone production.

So MK-677 is perfect because it can be stacked with anabolic SARMs to create incredible muscle building punch, but it won’t add to the level of testosterone suppression.

We will talk about the detail of how MK-677 works in a moment, but these are the specific benefits that it can deliver:

  • Has been proven to significantly increased levels of muscle mass
  • Freshly created muscle is denser and more defined
  • MK-677 has the ability to stop muscle wastage during a calorie deficit
  • Significantly increases physical and mental energy levels
  • Helps to cut fat much faster than can be achieved naturally
  • Helps to regulate and improve sleep patterns
  • Improves levels of appetite (this can be good and bad)

It’s a very new research chemical, which even in June 2017 still hadn’t got past preclinical studies (nonhuman) for any purpose at all. The truth is that you are buying and untried research chemical that has been recreated for sale on the grey market. MK-677 is not licensed for any use on humans anywhere in the world.

But it has been used successfully by bodybuilders for several years. It’s all anecdotal, and based on personal experience, but this stuff definitely does bulk you up, cut fat, and send your energy levels through the roof, with no serious side effects appearing to be caused.

How Mk-677 Works

In technical terms, it’s a selective, non-peptide agonist of the ghrelin receptors, as well as being a growth hormone secretagogue, so it primarily functions around binding to GHSR receptors.

It’s method of action is to mimic the action of the ghrelin hormone, which leads to an increased production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), and IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1).

The receptors it interacts with are crucial to lots of functions such as appetite, cognition, memory, mood, body rhythm, energy, and muscle growth. Let’s talk about the muscle growth, because that’s obviously key to defining what MK-677 results are possible.

MK-677 stimulates increases levels of both HGH and IGF-1, both of which are crucial to muscle development:

  1. HGH, or just GH, Growth Hormone, is a protein made in the pituitary gland. It’s then secreted into the bloodstream and used in muscle tissue around the body, as well as for other things such as bone growth and density, making it superb for bodybuilders.
  2. HGH is released in bursts, especially after sleep and exercise. So using MK-677, you are increasing the amount of human growth hormone that is going to be available in your body in the hours and days after you have hit the gym.
  3. HGH also stimulates better protein production. As I’m sure you know, high levels of protein availability are crucial to building strong and well-defined muscles.
  4. HGH also stimulates increased levels of IGF-1. So alongside MK-677 stimulating levels of that hormone as well, you’re getting a dramatic increase in this second essential hormone.
  5. IGF-1 mediates the muscle building effects of human growth hormone. IGF-1 has also been found in studies to be found in many anabolic pathways in skeletal muscle tissue.

Put all that together, and you are directly influencing levels of the key building blocks of muscle growth. After you exercise, when you break your muscles, and they then repair the microtears, building stronger and larger, these two key growth hormones help to make that repair faster, larger, and stronger.

How To Use MK-677

Using MK-677 is pretty straightforward. The biggest decision you’ll have is on what format of MK-677 you use:

  • Sublingual suspended oral liquid
  • MK-677 powder in capsules
  • Loose MK-677 powder
  • Injectable liquid MK-677

For me, loose powder should be out the window, unless you are short of money. You have to weigh it precisely, and you have to mix it with something you can take it in, usually something like propylene glycol. You can use any liquid, but it doesn’t mix well and can be problematic to get the correct dose. As doses are very small, this can be a big problem.

Injectables are an obviously good way to get the right dose inside your body and working quickly. But you increase the problems with potential infection, no matter how small. Also, some people just aren’t going to stick needles in themselves every day. If you’re cool with that, it’s a brilliant way of doing things.

Which means you’ve got a tossup between sublingual MK-677 liquid, and powder in capsules.

Capsules are easier to take, and you get an exact dose without any worry at all. On the downside, they are by far the most expensive way of using SARMs, often twice the price of any other method.

So sublingual dropper bottle doses are the most cost effective and easiest to do overall. However, if you are taking small doses, it can be a problem to get the dose you need precisely.

Dosage That Worked For Me

Let’s now turn our attention to the sort of MK-677 dosage range you should be using to safely get the maximum benefits.

If you’re looking for the best gains, the fastest fat cutting, and the biggest surges in energy to punch on through workouts ceilings, then you have to get your doses right, whether it’s individual, or if you’re using MK-677 Ibutamoren as part of a SARMs stack.

When it comes to dosage, again, it’s anecdotal. Nothing’s been tested on humans properly, there is no way to tell you an exact dosage range.

Based on my own experiences, and those of the bodybuilding community online, the optimal dosage range appears to be around 20 mg per day.

A lower dose around 10 mg typical if you are using MK-677 as part of the SARMs stack, and the upper end dose that I’ve ever seen anyone take is 30 mg per day.

MK-677 Cycle Advice

As with dosage, telling you about a definitive MK-677 cycle is also tough, because it’s very subjective.

I can only again talk from experience and the evidence of people online who discuss things on specialist forums.

The average MK-677 cycle, on its own, is about 10 weeks. If you are stacking it with aggressive anabolic SARMs, then you might have to have a shorter cycle, but that won’t be because of the MK-677.

In fact, because it doesn’t impact testosterone levels, I don’t see why you couldn’t push the cycle longer if it’s on its own.

However, as with anything, you should start small and work up. I’d actually experiment with MK-677 on its own for a short eight-week cycle at around 20 mg a day, and see how the gains grow, how the strength increases, and how the fat drips off.

Ibutamoren MK-677 Results: What’s Realistic?

Now we get to the crucial part of this MK-677 review. What sort of Ibutamoren MK-677 results are realistic, especially after your first cycle?

Well, let’s talk about typical results if you use Nutrobal at a dose of 20 mg per day for 10-week cycle:

  1. You will definitely get increases in lean muscle mass. But you have to work hard. SARMs are not a magic pill. They are also not like anabolic steroids; they are not as aggressive in the signaling. But if you back it up with an exercise regime that really pushes your body, then in a single cycle you can definitely increase lean muscle mass, tone, and density well beyond what you could naturally.
  2. Your strength will increase significantly. You’ll have more energy, and you’ll be able to power through your routines like you just can’t naturally. That will come on quite quickly, usually within a week or so. But it will be noticeable, and it can be dramatic.
  3. You will cut the fat. Significant amounts of fat, as much as 10% body fat if you are in a calorie deficit and working out regularly (at least three times a week, for at least two hours per session).

Using MK-677 I felt significantly stronger very quickly. It was like a small electrical surge in my body, like a light switching on, that never went out while I was on it. At the end of the cycle of MK-677, I felt it slowly dimming again.

I lost significant fat, and my muscle tone was incredible compared to the baseline at the start of the cycle.

So if you work hard, with a great diet, your own personal MK-677 results, your before and after, can be impressive.

One thing I do just want to mention is the appetite thing. MK-677 can dramatically increase your appetite. If you’re using it to cut fat, you’re really going to have to watch it. I’m talking about a significant desire to eat.

But it can be brilliant for bulking up. Stacked with an androgenic SARM, it can be dynamite.

How To Create The Best MK-677 Stack

Let’s now quickly take a look at the two best MK-677 stacks that I’ve used.

Here’s the first one, which is brilliant for bulking and strength:

  • MK-677 dosed at 10 mg per day
  • RAD-140 dosed at 10 mg per day
  • GW-501516 dosed at 10 mg per day
  • PCT supplement required
  • Do a cycle of at least 8 weeks
  • 8 week gap between cycles as a minimum

What you’ll get with this is RAD-140 building dramatic muscle, backed up by MK-677. Alongside that, GW-501516 works alongside MK-677 to cut fat and build significant strength.

The second simple MK-677 Stack is great for cutting:

  • MK-677 dosed at 10 mg per day
  • GW-501516 dosed at 10 mg per day
  • LGD-4033 dosed at 15 mg per day
  • PCT supplement required
  • 8 week cycle
  • At least in eight week gap between cycles

What you’re getting with this stack is MK-677 and LGD-4033 cutting fat and building strength, while GW-501516 triggers glucose release that feeds muscle and general stamina levels. You’ll be cutting fat while building strength and working out hard using this SARMs stack.

Best Place To Buy MK-677

I’d like to finish this review of MK-677 by telling you exactly where you can find pure MK-677 for sale.

That’s not actually as easy as you would think, and after several years of working with SARMs, and getting some incredible gains, the hardest part of the journey for me at times has been finding reliable SARMs sellers who send you SARMs that have been independently lab tested to prove they are 100% pure and real. is an American company, and they should be near the top of anyone’s list. They publish independent lab reports for every batch of SARMs they sell. In terms of MK-677 for sale, they sell 1000 mg of MK-677 powder for $49.99, and 700 mg of sublingual liquid (dosed at 25 mg/mL) for the same price.

  1. Proven Peptides are also based in the USA. Again, they publish independent batch test reports all the SARMs they sell, and they sell American-made SARMs, not SARMs made in China and then imported. If that’s important to you, then they could be the best place to buy MK-677. In terms of the MK-677 they sell, a 30 mil dropper bottle (dosed at 25 mg/mL) that will cost you $79.99.
  2. SARMS 4 YOU are different because they sell capsules and powder, no dropper bottles. But they are also different because they are based in Europe, in Holland. They are perfect if you live in the EU. They are also perfect because they sell fantastic quality SARMs capsules. 60 capsules of YK-677, each dosed at 10 mg, costs $69.95, while 1000 mg of loose powder costs $65.95.
MK-677 Ibutamoren: Dosage, Results & Where To Find MK-677 For Sale
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