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Nutritional Anarchy is a website, that for more than a decade, has covered the crucial topics from the modern society of eating healthily, fighting the poor nutritional quality of modern foods, fighting big business as it races to the bottom in the quality of products it provides and living sustainably.

More than that, we now deal with health, fitness, mental health, supplement use, and other health products as well.

So this privacy policy has evolved well beyond the scope of what we did many years ago when we started the site.

By using the site, you are accepting the terms of this privacy policy. Please discontinue using the site if you do not agree with it.

This privacy policy governs the use, and disclosure, and information that is collected through the website itself. It does not cover third-party websites or external links that we may offer, as outlined in this policy.

How We Collect Your Personal Data

When you visit our website your IP address will be stored in our system for the following reasons:

  1. In order to track visitors to the site in order to understand how people use the site
  2. So that we can understand how many visitors we receive, their path through the site, and how they exit the site, for the purposes of developing our marketing strategy
  3. IP addresses are automatically kept in server logs
  4. Our firewall and spam protection software stores IP addresses to block access to the site

We also collect personal data as supplied through our contact form. An IP address will be logged, along with the details you submit, which may include your name and email address. These details are not stored on our server but are deleted on submitting the form, and the only copy we have will be submitted to us via email. Once your email has been dealt with, it will be deleted and routinely removed from the server during automated maintenance.

How We Use Your Personal Data

We use the data we get from server logs and statistical software logging to look at how people use the site. This helps us to better understand our best pages, and how people use, and exit, the site.

Most of these logs consist of an IP address, browser, and location. Of course, if you are using a proxy, or mobile phone data, this IP address may not be geographic, or a location near you, at all.

We don’t analyze IP addresses; we merely look at the data presented. Mostly in analytical software to see how people use the site. We also use those IP addresses in our Web server software to block spam, bots, and attacks to try and access the site.

When you submit a contact form to us, we do log an IP address as well, along with an email address and name as supplied by you.

We do not share your data with any third parties.

Please note that we also use affiliate links and other external links. If you click one of these, you will be bound by the privacy policy of the landing page you visit, and we cannot guarantee the content or security of any external site.

How We Protect Your Personal Data

We use industry-standard software and practices to protect your data to the best of our abilities. We use firewall software, both at the server level and on our site, which helps to protect us against many forms of attack.

We use other forms of software to try and stop people logging in, alongside things like secure passwords and authentication practices.

However, we cannot guarantee that the data we have stored is 100% safe from being accessed by a third party. Unfortunately, some levels of Internet attack are very sophisticated, or unforeseen, or beyond the scope of reasonable resistance.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee the protection of any data that you submit to us, and you should not continue to use the nutritional anarchy website if you are concerned about a data breach happening.

Your Rights Around The Data We Hold

Nutritional anarchy is bound by the laws of the USA; however, we do understand that people in other parts of the world have different data protection and access laws.

We do understand and abide by the right to have access to the information we have on you, and the right to be forgotten.

Should you wish to contact us about the data we hold about you, please do so using the contact form, and state where you are, and what information you wish to discuss.

Nutritional Anarchy Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files that are placed on a visitor’s device when they access most websites. Most of the time, these are essential files that help to deliver a better user experience.

We only use essential cookies to run the website, we do not use any tracking cookies, or store cookies on your device that are optional in terms of effects and benefits you can switch on, or switch off (for example to manage a membership system).

If you do not wish to have cookies from our website on your system, you will need a cookie blocker, or to access your browser files and delete the cookies. If you do not want to receive cookies from us, you must either block them or not access the website.

We do use third party affiliate links, and when you click those affiliate links, a cookie will be generated to show that us as an affiliate has sent you to a landing page. It allows us to receive a commission if you buy something.

These third party affiliate cookies are supplied by the site you visit, not us, and you are therefore bound by the terms and conditions of the website you visit, as you would be with any link you click on the Internet.

Changes To This Policy & Contacting Us

We may make changes to the nutritional anarchy privacy policy at any time. Changes are published on this page and immediately take precedent over old copies.

Please visit this page frequently if you continue to use the website, so that you can be appraised of the latest changes and determine whether you still wish to be bound by them.

If you would like to contact us about this privacy policy, please use the contact us page. Please ensure that your request is properly structured so that we understand what you are asking, and if it’s a request for personal data information, please tell us where you are from, and under what law/jurisdiction you are making the request.

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