S-23 Review With Results & S-23 SARM Dosage & Cycling Guide

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S-23 is a really new and untested SARM, both in scientific studies and even in the bodybuilding community.

So there’s a lot of unknowns about using this newest of SARMs. What we’re going to do in this S-23 review is tell you everything you need to know though, based on my own experiences, and consensus evidence from online communities.

We will look at the effects and benefits of S-23, what the correct S-23 SARM dosage range should be, cycling it, and understanding what a realistic single cycle S-23 results look like.

Plus, I’ll tell you exactly where you can find 100% pure S-23 for sale, that’s lab tested for purity and fully guaranteed.

What Is S-23?

S-23 is the most modern formulated SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) available now.

The basic progression is that the more modern the compound, the more potent it is.

It was created by GTx, who also created the first SARM Ostarine and the very similar compound Andarine.

Just like those other SARMs, S-23 is androgenic. That means it gets its power from anabolic effects, not some other mechanism of action. So this stuff definitely will suppress your T levels, but it’s also a potent muscle growth supplement.

It’s actually being researched as a male hormonal contraceptive because it made rats 100% infertile in initial studies.

S-23 Effects & Benefits

There’s a lot of stuff talked about S-23 which isn’t really true. People list a huge range of benefits, but the truth is that this SARM affects very few things.

This is how S-23 works and explains the effects it actually has on the body:

  1. S-23 can positively impact lean muscle mass. It does this because its method of action is to strongly bind to androgen receptors in muscle tissue. This has the result of upregulating the activity of hormones that regulate protein used in muscle development.
  2. S-23 can increase your bone density. It does this through the same androgenic interaction as takes place in muscle tissue, as well as the fact that it also interacts with sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) to increase bone mineralization. Over time, muscle and bone density increases, bringing significantly improved strength. It also creates a stronger frame to build on.
  3. S-23 has fat melting abilities. The higher the dose, the more it will cut fat, but only up to a level you will have to establish for yourself through trying different doses and cycle lengths. Again, this was only seen in rodent studies, but they definitely showed a shrinking of body weight and fat. This was shown to happen while protecting muscle mass, and even gaining muscle mass.
  4. S-23 appears to have the ability to maintain the size of slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle mechanisms. These are linked to power and endurance, and it means that you will be able to work out at the same rate for longer than you can normally.

S-23 SARM Dosage Guide

That all sounds brilliant, but what S-23 SARM dosage should you be using to get the best results, without overdosing and causing really serious problems with testosterone drop? That’s obviously tough because this compound has only ever been through a few rat studies. It’s never been tested on humans for any purpose, let alone bodybuilding.

So we are looking at anecdotal evidence both from personal use, and online evidence from community discussion. The ballpark consensus seems to be that a low dose is 10 mg. A high dose seems to be up to 30 mg.

Below 10 mg effects in my experience were minimal, and above 30 mg most of the evidence online seems to be that incremental effects drop off rapidly. I’ve certainly never taken more than 30 mg.

S-23 SARM Cycle Length?

Another problem with SARMs is knowing what the correct cycle length should be, and this is exactly the same as trying to tell you what the ideal S-23 SARM cycle length should be.

The big problem is that everybody is different. 20 mg for eight weeks could be perfect for someone, too little for someone else, and could be massively suppressive for someone else. The average SARMs cycle length in my experiences is around 10 weeks. Some people push it to 12 weeks, but I’ve rarely seen anyone dare do it longer than that without a significant break.

The key point here is that S-23 is definitely suppressive. Especially at doses above 10 mg, you will require a PCT supplement.

For me, I’d start with an eight-week cycle. Dosing 10 mg for the first four weeks, then increase it to 15 mg for the second four weeks.

Do your own S-23 before and after photos to monitor your progress, and then if you think you can push things harder, do your next cycle at 10 weeks, dosing 15 mg for the first four, and 20 mg for the rest of the cycle.

S-23 Results: What’s Realistic?

You’ll see tons of reviews of SARMs saying how incredible they are. How they will pack on muscle, how fat will drip off your body, and how your strength and motivation will go through the roof.

To some degree, that’s all true. But it’s not like anabolic steroids, because you have to work harder. But if you backup taking SARMs with progressive gym work, that really pushes your boundaries, and you are religious about hitting the gym for long periods of time, allowing yourself great recovery, and eating brilliantly, then you can produce almost steroid level effects.

To give you some idea of what sort of S-23 results are realistic. This is what you should experience if you’ve been working out naturally, and then you do an eight-week cycle of S-23 dosing at around 15 mg per day:

  1. Your muscle mass will increase. S-23 is well known for toning muscle as well. A lot of guys use it for a couple of weeks before a competition. So not only will your muscle mass increase, your muscle tone and hardness will get better.
  2. Your strength and endurance will increase more rapidly than it can naturally. The androgenic effects and the recovery times increasing, meaning that you will just get fitter and stronger more quickly.
  3. By the end of your first cycle, your bone density and muscle density will be far greater. You will feel stronger, and your frame will have increased in its capacity to punch on through another ceiling.
  4. You will shed fat. The combination of how S-23 interacts in the body with fat-burning proteins, being able to push yourself longer, and the fuel your muscles will need to grow, will cut a lot of fat.

Possible Side Effects

S-23 is androgenic, so you will get a testosterone drop. That’s the main side effect you will suffer.

If it’s mild, you’ll get away with a few weeks of Nolvadex. But if you are taking a higher S23 SARM dosage, or your cycle is longer, or you are stacking it with other androgenic SARMs, then you will definitely need to use Clomid, at least initially.

For me, you’ll need at least four weeks PCT, some guys need up to 8 weeks. Just make sure you’re in tune with your body and watching out for the size of the testosterone drop, because it will happen.

A few people do report “Roid Rage” using S-23. That’s because at higher doses it is strongly androgenic, and will mimic testosterone spikes in the body. You may also notice slightly reduced sized testicles, and prostate size as well. But these can be managed, and once your testosterone levels returned to normal so they return to normal.

Where To Buy S-23 SARM Online

I want to conclude this S-23 review by telling you where you can find 100% pure S-23 SARM for sale. If you can’t find S-23 for sale that’s 100% pure, then you are not only putting your body at risk, but you are also not getting the most out of the effort you are putting in.

These three websites all sell guaranteed 100% pure SARMs.

The guarantee is the fact that they all have every batch of SARMs they buy in an independent lab tested for purity. The labs they use all check out for being genuine and the purity reports are posted on the website for you to view, giving you reassurance about the S-23 you are buying.

  1. Science. bio one of the first places you should look if you are based in the USA. They publish the purity reports, and they have a great track record in my experience. 1000 mg of raw S-23 powder costs just $39.99 from these guys. The easier to deal with sublingual liquid will cost you $39.99 for a 750 mg dose.
  2. Swiss Chems are another USA based SARMs seller who has a good track record, and a great reputation for delivering 100% pure SARMs. 100 capsules, each dosing 5 mg, retails at $89.95.
S-23 Review With Results & S-23 SARM Dosage & Cycling Guide
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