Cardarine Before and After – Get Visible Results In Just One Cycle!

cardarine sarm review

Is it a bird, an airplane, a SARM? Neither of those, but it is a powerful PPAR delta agonist that will rock your world and turn you into a powerhouse! Cardarine is known to give you lots of energy, making your pumps crazy in the gym, to the envy of everyone around you.

GW-501506 works by burning fat cells in your body, making it perfect for going on a cut. Not only will you be bursting with energy, but you will attain a lean figure in the process.  This article will tell you all there is to know about this amazing supplement and in the end, we’ll show you where you can get yourself some pure Cardarine at rock-bottom prices!

What is Cardarine Used For

In bodybuilding, Cardarine is used to enhance your training potential, helping you with attaining that body you always wanted to have. That’s not its only purpose, since GW-501506 is also used for treating an abnormal amount of lipids in the body, a condition also known as dyslipidemia.

Moving on, it also can be used to treat various cardiovascular diseases and it is known to lower cholesterol levels. As you can see, Cardarine is a very versatile compound that has a lot of good things going for it, but what benefits can you expect while on it? Read the next section to find out.

Cardarine Review – Benefits of Using Cardarine

This the thing you’ve been waiting to see in this Cardarine review! We will list down all the benefits of this compound, so you know what you’re getting into even before you take it.

  • Rapid Recovery: Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that with GW-501506, you can go to the gym almost every day of the week without feeling the strain from the previous day.
  • Acts as a Nootropic In The Brain: To keep it simple, Cardarine improves blood flow in the brain and makes it so that more oxygen is delivered into it, leading to better performance in tasks. Yes, you’ve heard that right, Cardarine is also somewhat of a nootropic.
  • Weight and Fat Loss: With GW-501506, it is terribly easy to go on a cut, as it not only suppresses hunger, but it also leads to an increase in your metabolism, which means that more fat and weight is being burned on a daily basis.
  • Say Goodbye To Diabetes Type 2: The fact that it aids insulin resistance and glucose tolerance only makes it a prime candidate in the fight against diabetes type 2. In laymen’s terms, it burns fatty acids that help your body.
  • Increases Energy, Endurance, and Stamina: These three items listed above are pivotal for your success in the gym. Studies on rats have shown a marked increase in performance when GW-501506 had been introduced into their system.
  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels, LDL, and Triglycerides: Studies indicate that Cardarine has the ability to vastly improve your health by lowering your bad cholesterol to acceptable levels, even when it’s faced with someone that has a habit of maintaining a bad diet.

Recommended Dosage

There’s a lot of controversy going around, with people being unsure whether they should dose Cardarine once or twice per day. Newer studies show that once per day is plenty enough.

Your Cardarine dosage should be 20mgs a day, which is more than enough to give you all the benefits while shielding you from the side effects.

Proper Cardarine Cycle

It’s all experience-based. If you’re just starting out, you shouldn’t cycle GW-501506 for longer than eight weeks. Intermediate users for supplements may go up to ten weeks.

Professionals can do a twelve-week Cardarine cycle and there shouldn’t be any problems with it.

Stacking Cardarine With Other SARMs

Cardarine is one of the most versatile substances on the market. It’s mainly used for cutting, but since it provides the user with energy, it can also be used for bulking. If you’re going on a cut, stack GW-501506 with Andarine. The Cardarine should give you a nice energy boost and the Andarine will make sure that your fat levels plummet to the ground.

Take 15mgs of Cardarine and 10mgs of Andarine for eight weeks.

Conversely, if you’re bulking, we suggest that you stack it with something strong such as YK-11. While YK-11 is strong on its own, it doesn’t give you stamina or boost endurance and that’s why Cardarine is the perfect addition to YK-11.

Use 15mgs of GW-501506 and 5mgs of YK-11. That should do the trick.

Possible Side Effects of Using Cardarine

  • Cardarine Can Cause Cancer?: Many reputable sites are adamant about the fact that Cardarine causes cancer and that humans shouldn’t be using it. They are basing their assertions on just one study performed on mice, which wasn’t a study at all from our perspective, more of the butchering of harmless animals. They took mice and gave them a crazy amount of the substance, more than a hundred times the recommended dosage. You’re probably aware of the fact that even water is poisonous when consumed in larger quantities. In conclusion, this study was bogus and a disreputable attempt at discrediting Cardarine. Further studies shone a light on the fact that Cardarine actually disables cancer cells!
  • Headaches: These can be present in first-time users and usually go away in the span of a week. You will also experience them if you take too much of the compound in question. No further side effects have been observed in humans. Some say that more studies need to be done in order to determine other side effects, but bodybuilders have been using GW-501506 for years without any problems, so we don’t see a reason why Cardarine should be scrutinized any further.

Cardarine Reviews Online – What Other Bodybuilders Say About It

There’s nothing like the firsthand experience of those that have been taking the compound themselves. Since Cardarine is poorly studied in humans, bodybuilding forums and discussion boards are the next best place to find out more about Cardarine.

A Reddit user showed us his Cardarine before and after pictures in which he lost more than 3% of his total body fat, becoming lean as frick. He took 20mgs a day for just one month and as you can see from the post itself, the results have been just mesmerizing. He is a completely new human being in the right picture. He claims that his energy levels skyrocketed after imbuing GW-501506 and that it helped him push himself to new limits.

Results You Can Expect After Taking It

You will experience Cardarine results in just two weeks after starting with the compound. The first week will feel a bit underwhelming, but once it hits on week two, you will be unstoppable.

You will have crazy energy, a huge pump at the gym, and the stamina to withstand any training program. Not to mention the crazy low recovery times, we had a buddy of ours go six times a week to the gym while he was on GW-501506, it was crazy to witness!

On weeks three and four, you will start to notice the decreased fat levels and you will also shed some weight (only if you’re cutting). If you took blood samples at the beginning of your Cardarine journey and at the end of week five, you would see how much better your cholesterol levels would have gotten.

At the end of the cycle, you will most likely have lost between 4 to 6% of your total body fat and lose around five to ten pounds of weight. Your muscle mass will not decrease, but it will be preserved, and some people even gain some lean muscle mass while on a Cardarine cycle.

Cardarine Before And After Pictures

If you want to see a real Cardarine before and after picture, head on over to the ’Cardarine reviews online’ section and click the Reddit post. That’s one of the rare instances where the before and after picture is actually legit and not photoshopped.

Yes, you’ve heard that right, most Cardarine before and after pictures you see on the internet are faked or stolen from bodybuilding forums and discussion boards such as Reddit. You shouldn’t trust these pictures as they portray a false reality and promise unattainable things that cannot possibly be performed in the real world.

The reason why some vendors and websites do this is to boost sales, as bigger changes in physique drive those that are poised on improving themselves to perform a buying decision. You cannot expect the world after just one cycle. It takes years of bodybuilding to attain an impressive physique and no amount of supplements are going to change that.

You shouldn’t rely on GW-501506 alone to transform yourself, proper training and diet is also important.

With that being said, just remember to not trust all these Cardarine before and after pictures that promise you a shredded body after just a few cycles. That’s not how it works.

GW-501516 For Sale

When you’re looking for GW-501506 for sale, you want the best thing on the market. We’re here talking about Cardarine with purity rates above 95% and nothing below that level. Finding such Cardarine is admittedly hard, but with our expert guidance, it shouldn’t be a problem for you or anyone else reading this article.

We found two shops that have high-quality GW-501506 for sale, one is located in the US and the other in Europe, but they both excel at selling supplements online.

  1. has been around for more than five years and they have been selling high-quality supplements all this time. They are the former, but had to rebrand because of some government regulations. Their Cardarine comes in both liquid and powder form.

1000mgs of their powder will cost you only $29.99 and if you’re buying in bulk, you can get it for even cheaper! If you opt for the liquid, you’ll have to pay $44.99 for 600mgs worth of product. That is a fair price and you will not find many places offering a better deal.

Still, we believe that you get a better bargain if you go with the powder.They ship on the same day as you order, they post their third-party lab results publicly and the package is sealed tightly so nothing spills during transit.

If you order more than one-hundred dollars worth of merchandise from their store, you get free shipping. However, if you’re ordering outside of the US, you will have to spend 300$ in their store before being eligible for free worldwide shipping, which is a bit disappointing. That is our only caveat about their shop, otherwise, they are fantastic!

Shipping times may wary, but in our case, it took three days before the package arrived.

It’s always nice to see a European vendor such as Swisschems on this list, who have been providing us with high-quality SARMs both in capsule and powder form. They also sell SARM accessories which you should definitely check out.

They are by far the best shop to do business with if you’re from Europe, bar none.

As already mentioned, you’ll find Cardarine both as a powder and capsule in this store. The powder will cost you between €39.95 and €275.00, depending on how much you choose. You may select in the range of 1 to 10 grams.

On the other hand, their capsules will set you back €49.95 and you get 60 capsules, with each pill having 10mgs of GW-501506 in it, for a total of 600grams. We can see that their capsules are a bit more expensive than the powder, which is to be expected.

Swisschems gives out free worldwide shipping to anybody that orders more than 120€ worth of goods in their store. Shipping times to the US last between 7 to 10 business days. Our friend from Austria got his package in just three business days.

Now that you’ve seen a legit Cardarine before and after picture, you can accurately gouge what your progress is going to be like when taking this supplement.

Good luck to you and have fun with all the extra energy Cardarine brings to the table!


Cardarine Before and After – Get Visible Results In Just One Cycle!
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