Testolone RAD-140 Review: Everything You Need To Know

RAD-140 review that will tell you everything you need to know about using this SARM successfully. You’ll learn how to achieve optimal RAD-140 results in a short space of time.

You’ll do that by learning exactly what RAD-140 Testolone is, how it works, effects it has, dosage and cycling, stacking it with other SARMs, and what realistic results look like.

Plus, we will talk about the downside. We’ll cover if there are any significant RAD-140 side effects you need to be aware of, and also explain to you how poor quality SARMs can harm your health. We will conclude this review by telling you where to find RAD-140 for sale that’s 100% pure and guaranteed.

What Is RAD-140?

RAD-140, also known as Testolone, is an experimental research chemical in the class of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs).

It’s original development was for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). It was also researched as a potential medication in the fight against muscle wasting illnesses such as osteoporosis.

Although it’s never been fully tested on humans in any form, a limited study by the University of Southern California concluded that RAD-140 is safer in humans than traditional testosterone replacement therapy.

Because of its ability to elevate testosterone levels, it was seized on by the bodybuilding community very quickly. Reproduced as a grey market chemical, it’s been available for a number of years now so anecdotal human evidence around results and side effects are actually quite well known.

But it is essential you understand that there is very little real-world evidence around RAD-140. It’s never been through full human trials for any purpose, and we have no idea what the long-term effects of using it are.

How RAD-140 Testolone Works

One thing I do know though is that RAD-140 can increase your gains massively. Because it’s hugely elevating testosterone levels, you’re packing a punch you’ve never carried before in the gym. Not only that, but your aggression and motivation will be through the ceiling as well.

Let’s take a look at how Testolone produces significant bodybuilding benefits:

  1. RAD-140 definitely elevates testosterone levels as its method of action. All of the positive effects and benefits of elevated testosterone levels were reported in studies. This means better mood, better cognitive skills, sharper focus, more determination, more stamina, faster muscle repair, faster muscle growth.
  2. Let’s talk about muscle growth. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators target muscle tissue only. Because it’s only a partial agonist, it can deliver androgenic effects in muscle tissue, but not affect other things, like the prostate. That means is safe from major long-term side effects, because it’s highly selective in where it is affected.
  3. RAD-140 was also found to be neuroprotective in studies on rats. It was found as effective as human testosterone in reducing cell death in the brain. This is the key reason why it’s thought that it could help to reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. RAD-140 also increases vascularity. That means that bigger veins that are better at transporting blood around the body. That means more nutrients and oxygen where you need it. It’s also why some of those guys down the gym have large veins in addition to looking so ripped.

RAD-140 Dosage & Cycle Length

RAD-140 is a potent androgenic supplement. It’s going to significantly change a number of things because it’s making the body produce a significant amount of testosterone for use.

That’s why you have to keep your initial RAD-140 dosage low, especially if you are a beginner. The problem is that because you are helping your body to artificially elevate testosterone levels, the longer this goes on, the less testosterone your body will produce on its own, because it doesn’t need to.

So when you come off a RAD-140 cycle, you may find that your body struggles to produce enough testosterone, and this T level drop is very common. But it’s the degree to which you drop that can be the problem.

Obviously the more you take, the bigger the problem could be. I would therefore advise that your first cycle includes just 5 mg of RAD-140. You can then up this. If you’re experienced with some SARMs already, you could start with 10 mg.

I would never advise you to go above 20 mg a day of RAD-140. Above this level, you will be seeing such significant levels of testosterone drop that it could cause problems.

RAD-140 Results After Your First Cycle

Let’s talk about how you feel after that all-important first RAD-140 cycle. Basically, you’ll want to know what’s in store, what typical RAD-140 results will look like as an average Joe user.

Unfortunately, guys, I can’t tell you exactly how you will respond. It depends on who you are, how you work out, and what your previous experiences are.

However, these are the general improvements and benefits that you can expect to see from your first cycle:

  1. You’re going to get pretty damn amazing results to be honest. You’ll want to bulk up using Testolone, and I’m telling you that you really will. The lean muscle gains that you will get will be significant. They will be noticeable, and in some people dramatic. This will not be a flabby muscle either, it will be the hard, lean, tough new muscle that defined and chiseled. One guy down my gym put on 12 lbs of lean muscle in 10 weeks. That’s how good this stuff is.
  2. As well as muscles of steel, you’re going to feel amazing. The increase in testosterone is going to lead to such an amazing improvement in your drive and determination that you won’t believe how good it feels. I’m telling you that after three weeks you’ll be running to the gym. You’ll be grabbing the weights and you’ll be going hell for leather, and guys will think you are on serious drugs. You’ll go longer, you’ll go harder, and you will be the last guy out of the gym.
  3. RAD-140 just allows you to recover faster as well. That increased vascularity and increases in testosterone mean that you will just have more energy overall. Muscles will repair faster, and you’ll be ready to go.
  4. The other thing you’ll do is lose fat. Testosterone makes your muscles work more, as well as the increase in aggression and determination that will drive you on harder in the gym, and generally. Although not billed as a classic fat cutting SARM, with the frequent workout you definitely can cut 10% body fat in a single cycle

Now I have to temper those expectations by saying you’re not going to totally transform yourself in a single cycle. This is a progressive thing, and you’ll need a progressive and challenging gym routine to get the most out of SARMs over several cycles.

On top of that, you’ll want to stack SARMs for maximum benefits. Here’s a simple bulking stack you can use that includes RAD-140 Testolone for the best results:

  • 10 mg RAD-140 daily
  • 10 mg SR-9009 daily
  • 10 mg S-4 Andarine
  • Cycle length is 10 weeks
  • Suppressive so a PCT supplement will be needed

What that stack is giving you is impressive muscle-building benefits through the increase in testosterone. But more than that, it’s driving increases in energy through better glucose availability, as well as telling the body to burn fat rather than glucose, meaning you will cut fat significantly. But you also retain lean muscle gains, they will be completely protected.

On its own though, RAD-140 is great for energy and muscle building. But because it can also burn fat, a lot of guys use it on its own for recomping. It really is an incredibly flexible all-rounder, definitely one of the weapons you should always have ready in your bodybuilding supplements armory.

RAD-140 Vs Ostarine

I never really sure why are we see people online talking about RAD-140 Vs Ostarine. The two are totally different compounds.

Yes, both are androgenic. But Ostarine is only mildly androgenic at high doses. It’s very good at cutting, it tells the body to burn fat instead of using glucose. It’s not as good at that as LGD-4033 or Cardarine though.

So what you’ve got is Ostarine being a very mild beginner SARM, perfect for maintaining lean muscle mass while you’re cutting. But it’s not potent.

As you know, RAD-140 is quite an aggressive testosterone building SARM. It’s good for building muscle, and it’s good for energy and endurance.

But what you can do is stack them. They actually complement each other. Together you’ll protect and grow lean muscle, you’ll get significant gains in energy, and you’ll also cut fat.

RAD-140 Before & After Photos Warning

One thing that always annoys me about SARMs reviews is those before and after photos. For me, it’s pretty obvious that most of them are just fake, or not related to the supplements being talked about.

Even if it is true, how do you know? It’s really just a ridiculous benchmark.

So my advice is to ignore all those RAD-140 before and after photos, you see out there, and just work on seeing how well it does for you over a cycle.

Any RAD-140 Side Effects To Be Aware Of?

RAD-140 side effects can appear and can be persistent if not addressed. Here’s a list of the common side effects average doses:

  • Testosterone suppressive is the main side effect. That’s why you will need a PCT supplement using RAD-140
  • Nausea is another side effect, but this is often short-lived and only when you are getting used to taking RAD-140. Obviously, this will only happen if you are taking SARMs orally
  • Some people get skin problems, acne and rashes have been something I’ve personally seen. They are only minor and don’t persist
  • Elevating testosterone will make some guys aggressive. Not majorly, if you do have anger management problems then be a little careful using higher doses of this stuff

But generally, RAD-140 Testolone is well tolerated. Just make sure that if you are stacking it with other testosterone suppressing SARMs that you keep the dose low, and have a PCT supplement to hand.

On its own, the weaker PCT supplement Nolvadex will be plenty good enough to handle RAD-140. If you are stacking it with other suppressive SARMs, then you’ll want to have some Clomid to hand.

Finding Pure RAD-140 For Sale

I hope this has all been helpful to you. RAD-140 results can be exceptional, it’s a truly anabolic/androgenic SARM that can yield significant muscle gains in a single cycle, alongside cutting fat and generating significant gains in strength and confidence.

I want to conclude this RAD-140 review by telling you where you can find 100% pure and safe RAD-140 for sale.

That’s easier said than done because studies have shown that more than 50% of the SARMs for sale out there aren’t pure at all. In fact, a significant minority of them even contained completely different chemicals, such as anabolic steroids and prohormones.

But these three SARMs sellers are all well trusted by experienced bodybuilders. They all independently lab test batches of SARMs they buy in, and then they publish those independent lab test results on the product pages, or at least on the website, so you can see exactly what you are buying.

  1. Science.bio

Formally irc.bio, despite the confusion in the brand change and a little bit of a loss of trust, these are exactly the same quality SARMs for the same amazingly low prices. Backed up by a comprehensive independent batch testing program.

Pricing is also good.  1000 mg of RAD-140 is loose powder retails at $69.99. The far more user-friendly sublingual SARMs liquid version costs just $49.99 for 300 mL (dosed at a perfect 10 mg/mL).

  1. Proven peptides

Proven Peptides are the classic American SARMs seller. They also only sell pure SARMs made in the USA as well. No Chinese SARMs, just high-quality domestically produced chemicals. You’ll pay a little more for that quality and reassurance though. They only sell SARMs liquid, no capsules or powder. RAD-140 dosed at 15 mg/L costs $44.99 for a 15 mL bottle.

  1. SARMs 4 YOU

Last on my list at the end of this RAD-140 review are the European company Sarms 4 You. I’ve put them on here as an option for you guys in Europe. I did a test order about a year ago and they were really good quality, but as I’m in the USA it wasn’t really of any use to me.

RAD-140 is loose powder costs $59.95 for 1000 mg. In terms of RAD-140 capsules, you can get 60 capsules (each dosing 10 mg) for $66.95.

Testolone RAD-140 Review: Everything You Need To Know
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