YK-11 Review: Dosage, Results & Where To Buy It

YK-11 results

YK-11 is a confusing bodybuilding supplement because it’s not a true SARM, in fact it as close to an anabolic steroid as it is a SARM. So what I’m going to do in this YK-11 review is explain exactly what is.

You’ll also learn how YK-11 works, and what the benefits for bodybuilding can be. I’ll tell you exactly what YK-11 results you can expect from a single cycle of YK-11, along with advice on how to dose it safely.

As well as all that, you’ll learn about YK-11 side effects, whether those YK-11 before and after photos can possibly be true, and additionally tell you where you can find genuine YK-11 for sale.

Is YK-11 A SARM?

It’s actually not known how YK-11 works. That may sound crazy, but it’s important to understand at the start of this YK-11 review that it’s never even had animal testing done. This has had cellular studies completed only.

It was invented in 2011 by a Japanese scientist who did cellular studies to see if it was viable for use to increase bone and muscle density in wasting conditions. But it never went beyond that. The formula was published online, copied a, and the result was a grey market product.

But it has had some studies done on how it could possibly work, and the conclusions are that it could work in the following ways:

  1. A true SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) selectively binds to androgen receptors and modulates the messages telling them to grow muscle and increase bone density. YK-11 is only a partial agonist of androgen receptors, meaning it doesn’t fully create a transactivation. So it’s not a true, and full, androgenic SARM, but it does have some androgenic effects in bone and muscle.
  • It’s thought to be a Myostatin inhibitor. Such inhibitors can lower messages inhibiting muscle growth, allowing muscles and bone to develop more quickly.
  • Other researchers found that its chemical structure is very similar to DHT. It’s then hypothesized that its androgenic effects partly originate from this similarity to DHT in the body.

So the thing here is that it’s not a true SARM. In fact, YK-11 actually works in the body more like an anabolic steroid than a SARM, which is why it can have more side effects than pure SARMs that build muscle.

How YK-11 Benefits Bodybuilders

Now look, I will cover the side effects later, but I don’t want to put you guys off because the effects of using YK-11 sensibly are incredible.

Generally, if you are going to use YK-11 for bodybuilding, then you can get the following benefits:

  1. It’s possible to get very rapidly muscle gains using YK-11. These would be immediate but after a single cycle you can really notice the gains if you work hard.
  • The lean muscle that you gain will be much harder than before. This is because the repaired muscle is being told to grow much more densely, leading to a harder, better physique.
  • YK-11 does create aggression. This is actually a side effect as well, but you can channel it positively as long as you are aware of it. It can power you through your gym routine, pushing you up to personal bests and take you up to the next level in performance.
  • Within a couple of cycles, say six months, it can dramatically increase bone strength and density as well. Alongside muscle growth and density improvements this means you will simply be far stronger than before, allowing you to lift more and push yourself harder.

Is YK-11 Safe?

Before I continue this YK-11 review I do want to just address the side effects of this SARM so you can see if they are manageable and if YK-11 is genuinely safe to use.

Now look, I want to level with you here, no SARM is genuinely safe because not a single one has ever been through proper human trials. They have never been fully scrutinized in the long-term to see what the effects are. But after 20 years of SARMs being out there in the wild there’s nobody reporting large groups of bodybuilders suffering from the effects of them.

Here are the side effects and problems with using YK-11:

  • YK-11 does have androgenic effects. You will get testosterone drop using it, especially at higher doses. So it will require PCT, and it will require an awareness of what testosterone dropping symptoms are.
  • YK-11 can cause aggression. This is one of the reasons why it’s closer to an anabolic steroid than a SARM. It’s not major aggression like you get with steroids, but it can be noticeable, especially if you are naturally aggressive, have emotional issues, or high testosterone levels. But if you can manage this and channel it then it can be great for aggressively powering through your workouts.
  • YK-11 messes with DHT levels. In the long term this could lead to a more pronounced development of male pattern baldness, that middle-aged hair loss. If it’s already happened, or you don’t care, or you understand that the risk is actually very small, then it shouldn’t be a problem though.

YK-11 SARM Results From Your First Cycle

So what can you expect from your first cycle of using YK-11? I think is important to note here that your first cycle, if you’ve never used SARMs before, won’t be that dramatic.

I would never advocate you stack SARMs to begin with, you need to see how your body reacts and work out which SARMs are best for you.

Typical YK-11 results from an initial cycle with no previous SARMs of steroid use are usually:

  • A noticeable, visible, and significant increase in lean muscle mass.
  • Newly created muscle will be harder and more defined than usual
  • Your strength will have dramatically increased
  • Recovery times will be better
  • You will sleep more satisfyingly
  • Bone density improvements will lead to an eventual increase in core strength

YK-11 can be fantastic, even if used on its own at a moderate dose. I want to make the important point here that SARMs are not a magic bullet, you are not going to just get huge and have zero fat by taking them and not pushing yourself.

You’ll have to work hard in the gym. Every other day, at least an hour, pushing your routine into hitting new personal bests within a few weeks.

Using SARMs will only work alongside a great diet. Cut out the fat, the sugar, refined carbohydrates, and stick to proteins to fuel muscle development.

And, guys, you’ll have to do the cardio work. Go out for a run at least twice a week so that you are burning fat and strengthening your ability to push your lungs and body harder in the gym.

YK-11 Side Effects

YK-11 does have more side effects than most SARMs. I want to make that clear to you, but they aren’t usually pronounced and for many people they aren’t noticeable at all.

1. YK-11 can cause testosterone drop because it is anabolic in nature. This actually won’t be as pronounced as some full SARMs like RAD-140 Testolone, but it’s there. So you will need a PCT supplement, but something mild like Nolvadex will probably do.

2. It can cause hair loss over prolonged use. I’m talking years here guys, and only if you use it heavily. If you are cycling it sensibly with big gaps then you shouldn’t really have a problem with this.

3. Because it is anabolic in nature it can create aggression problems in some people. But as long as you start with a low dose and deal with anything that occurs as you increase the dose, then you shouldn’t have problems.

What’s The Best YK-11 Dose?

Unfortunately because there have been no human trials completed on YK-11 then no dosage and outcome information has ever been established.

Anecdotally amongst the bodybuilding community, this stuff is strong. The daily dose of just 5 mg is enough to produce significant muscle building gains.

A high-end dose is seen as 20 mg, this is when suppression becomes heavy and you are in danger of longer-term problems like liver damage if you use it continually at that level over several years.

So I would stick to a YK-11 dosage range between 5 mg and 15 mg, and make sure you have a decent gap between cycles of at least six weeks for an eight-week cycle.

YK-11 Before And After Warning

Before I conclude this YK-11 review by telling you where you can find pure YK-11 for sale, I want to talk to you about those before and after photos.

You’ve probably seen YK-11 before and after photos if you’ve been researching this stuff before you visited this article. A lot of those guides will have photos claiming to be YK-11 results.

For me, most of those are rubbish. They aren’t a genuine first cycle, and they aren’t just using that single SARM. Many are just fakes and taken from elsewhere.

I would really discount before and after photos of all types. Take a before photo of yourself, work hard, take the SARMs, and see what you’re after photos looks like for yourself. That will tell you the results you can expect if you continue use, because nothing else will.

Where To Find Genuine YK-11 For Sale

The thing I found amazing when I started out with SARMs is that it’s actually harder to find genuine SARMs than to use them.

SARMs are sold by unscrupulous sellers that I’ve just not pure. Some are cut with other things, and in one study, nearly 50% didn’t have any SARMs in at all. They were mostly prohormones or steroids.

So if you don’t want your SARMs cut with steroids then you need to find an online retailer who uses an independent third-party lab to batch test and certify the SARMs they sell.

Below is a list of three SARMs sellers who have pure YK-11 for sale, backed up by independent lab reports confirming purity of at least 100% (purity analysis sometimes produces readings above 100%, which is why I have said that, and why you will see purity levels on the certificates above 100% at times).

1. Science.bio

A fantastic USA-based SARMs seller that’s been going for years, although there was some confusion that they had gone bust because they change the name and website. But it’s the same company, they just changed their brand and now sell other supplements as well.

Science.bio sell loose powder and sublingual liquid SARMs. YK-11 is priced at $79.99 for 1000 mg of powder. In dropper bottle format it will cost $49.99 for 300 mg. That’s a dose of 10 mg/mL, which is perfect for that mid-range dose.

2. Sarms 4 You

I’ve only used these guys once for a test order because I’m in the USA and they are based in Europe. But it arrived quickly, and you get free shipping on orders over $120. But the only downside is there’s a slightly higher risk of getting your shipment caught at customs.

But if you are in Europe these guys are fantastic, and they offer 100% pure SARMs for sale backed up by moneyback guarantees.

Speaking specifically about YK-11, they sell loose powder and the same powder in capsules. If you’re a beginner I would advise going for capsules because they give you an exact dose and you don’t have to mess about with liquid or powder at all. But they are more expensive.

60 capsules will cost you $54.95. Each capsule has a dose of 5 mg. That’s the low dose I talked about earlier, which is perfect for beginning your YK-11 journey with.

YK-11 Review: Dosage, Results & Where To Buy It
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